Volunteer Activities

Data Analyst

Data has the potential to make hidden relationships crystal clear, to be a common language between people who might never have spoken, to inspire collaboration, to off er metrics for decision making, and to turn seemingly unrelated ideas into powerful insights that can solve the most complex and intractable problems we face.

At Safecity, we have over 4000 reports of incidents of violence and abuse. This data represents location based trends and patterns, the analysis of which allows us to interpret the various social and systemic changes that are urgent. If you read, think, write and understand data, volunteer with us in this revolution.


Writing can stir movements, history bears witness to that. Our movement to end gender based violence needs powerful writers who feel strongly for the issue, who have immense to say and just as much power in their writing to create dialog.

By getting people to just read about the gravity of the issue, the abuse and harassment that plagues our society, we are moving a step further towards our goal of safe cities.

Social Media

If you are a social media friendly person and enjoy your time online, you can take it one step further by making a dent in building safer cities.

Safecity is highly active on Facebook and Twitter and if you are passionate about stirring a dialog on abuse, harassment and gender justice, you could support us by regularly updating our existing networks.

On-ground Volunteer

Harassment happens at every corner of the street, every other bus stand, market places and probably all the places you can think of. If this is what you want to change, join Safecity as an on-ground volunteer. Work with our volunteers on ongoing campaigns or start your own. Invite your friends to join you.

Graphic Designer

At Safecity we are constantly looking for help on the graphic design front. For each campaign there are multiple creatives and banners required in addition to infographics that can push back information in an interesting way. You can support us in designing our brochures, newsletters, and much more.


Graphic designers can send in their portfolios and the time they are willing to spend with Safecity. It could be as less as one artwork to taking over an entire campaign.



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