GeoSure is a new technology providing personalized travel safety content via mobile. Crowd-sourcing and data feeds from global sources fuel proprietary risk algorithms, delivering powerful threat temperatures to assess relative vulnerability anywhere in the world, street level, real-time. Essential to the world traveler, GeoSure responds to the safety information needs of business, holiday and educational travelers.   GeoSure aggregates, analyzes and evaluates hundreds of data sources, then further processes the data through rigorous vetting and statistical algorithms. The resulting information takes the form of GeoSure Threat Temperatures™. Our data are harvested from organizations such as WHO, UN, CDC, Interpol, human rights organizations, city and country crime statistics, plus many private and propriety data feeds, including a wide range of textual data harvested from the web.   GeoSure has rated every country, every city and will soon rate every neighborhood of every city in the world on six safety categories: overall security, physical harm, theft, basic freedoms, disease & medical and women’s safety.

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