When Priya Decided that Education was Her Right!



Jyotsna Kalra is Safecity’s Program and Outreach Officer in Delhi and a Lawyer in the making. She has aspirations and dreams for a better world with better lives for all. Showing deviance, she would personally  prefer to go towards this journey of change not through the legal structures but on ground work. Due to scenarios in her childhood, Jyotsna is more driven towards and passionate about gender issues. 

When Priya Decided that Education was Her Right!

Priya, a young girl from Dakshinpuri, very outspoken and a crackerjack, is full of dreams and aspirations. Her story of pursuing education is more than inspiring. When asked about her journey to reach the present happy and satisfied place she is in now, she started by telling us about her sister.

Her sister used to be very hesitant to ever step out of her house because she knew how unsafe the environment outside was. On the contrary, Priya questioned why her sister remained house-bound. This became her motivating force to challenge the present norms and roles.  Her sister’s fear helped her embark on her path to Education, to dream and fulfil her journey towards what she wished to be, to reach the pinnacle where she was told life is at its best.


Priya is now pursuing her graduation in B.com (Hons) and is in her second year.

She has always nurtured a passionate dream to be self-dependent. When asked why, she said,

“Because everyone is entitled to personal growth and self-actualisation, and that is what I want too. This is my greatest dream and a pre-requisite which has to be fulfilled before I think of getting married.”

She also mentioned that she wanted to become a Chartered accountant. Aware that she came from a low income family, she knew that this could be a financial burden for their family which she did not wish to put her family through.

A while later, when she was talking a look at other options and different courses, she chose to become a Sanitizing Officer. This role held more value and importance to her as her place of residence was not clean. She understood the urgent necessity and importance of sanitization which was also something she could financially afford. She worked hard and earned herself a scholarship through Action India, which not only supported her schooling, but also backed her education to become a Sanitizing Officer. She has completed her course has given the exam to officially be a Sanitizing Officer and is awaiting her results.

Priya’s journey and our relationship with her go way back to the time she first participated in Safecity’s campaigns in Dakshinpuri  where we had just begun conducting awareness workshops and campaign activities. She is associated with our present Dakshinpuri campaign and brings a lot of spirit and zest to the campaign’s development in her neighbourhood. Priya is a mountain of zealousness and  energy. She is a confident girl who, in my opinion, is one of those few gems who ensure the fulfilment of their dreams despite the challenges and demotivating forces around them.

Safecity is partnering with Action India, working together to mobilise the youth.



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