Volunteer Experience at Swedish Dads Indian Dads Exhibition


I’m grateful to Safecity for giving me this opportunity. I loved the picture of a Swedish dad combing his daughter’s hair while she is crying. During the exhibition I was amazed to see that people in India do want to imbibe the concept of gender equality in India via paternity leave. It was also heart-warming when people appreciated the initiative.

-Upeksha Patel

It was a wonderful experience volunteering! The concept “Swedish Dads and Indian Dads” was so amazing and a real need of the hour especially in country like India. Both the photographers have done a fantastic job by portraying their culture and have taken a big initiative in spreading the message to new and to-be-dads about sharing responsibility as a father by actually being there and seeing their kids achieve their milestones. 🙂

-Siddhi Sakpal

It was really a new and memorable experience for me to talk to people and know their thoughts on viewing the exhibition. People were very happy to know about the main aim of the exhibition and expressed their gratitude toward the team for taking on a topic like gender equality and paternity leave and creating conversations around it. Many of the visitors expressed hope in paternity leave getting passed as a law in India.

Even I wish to see a change in India with regards to paternity and maternity leave. The photo exhibition really touched my heart and will be one of my most memorable volunteering experiences. The photograph that I liked the most was the one I related to the most- a father combing and tying his daughter’s hair while she cries. The photo shows the real struggle in handling kids and I closely relate to it being an elder sister.

-Kajal Makwana


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