Uniting to Meet the 17 Global Goals


On Wednesday, 17th May, the Safecity team, accompanied by Anupama Kapoor, the founder of Reboot Network, visited a school in Mumbai to conduct a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals for 65 children of Grade 9 and their teachers. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a set of 17 “Global Goals” with 169 targets between them. The main aim of this workshop was to help the children learn about the SDGs and come up with ways to do their own bit to help out. The Safecity team’s facilitator, Ashwini, and Reboot Network’s founder, Anupama, both collaborated on this project and spoke to the children to help them understand the concept better by explaining how they were addressing some of the Goals through their work.

The workshop kicked off with a PowerPoint Presentation which gave a detailed introduction to SDGs. It defined them and enumerated upon its aims in detail. The presentation also gave reasons as to why these goals were necessary for a better life with the help of global statistics about the problems plaguing the world presently, such as hunger and poverty. Safecity and Reboot both work to promote gender equality in all walks of life, regardless of private life or the work space. This includes education and also people’s well-being.

After an explanation of the SDGs, the children were handed printouts which had the 17 goals listed out, along with blank paper. The children were divided into groups of 3-5 and told to write down how they personally planned to do their bit and help achieve these goals. The children’s answers varied from each group and did not fail to impress. They understood the concept well and also delivered in return. They were also very active through-out and readily asked questions if they did not understand something or were curious about a certain topic.

In conclusion, the children understood the topic well and reciprocated equally with their pledge to do their own bit to try and achieve the goals.

Some of the pledges to work towards achieving the SDGS…


Some of the feedback we received after the session:

Good learning experience. I will do my best to work towards achieving the SDGs.

It was an enriching experience that helped us realise that even we can bring about a change and difference if we care enough to do so.

Its wonderful to be more aware of the way in which our future is brilliantly modelled. We are now motivated to play a role in modelling our future so that we can experience it in due time, the way we envision it.

The presenter explained the complex connections between the goals and why they are relevant to even us. Enjoyed the videos.

Very good session. Strengthened my ideas about feminism and environment protection. Good to hear that steps are being taken towards sustainable development.

Thank you, Ashwini. Awareness is the key to achievement, and you have made this possible for us. A safer city is a better city and a healthier city. Reboot:  restoring a  women’s economic status and independence is indeed the way to pave the way for an equal and balanced society.

It was actually a very interesting session which created awareness about the happenings around me. I would like more sessions on sexual harassment as it takes time to open up with regards to the problems.

The session was very enlightening and inspirational. It opened a floodgate of ideas in our minds for the betterment of our society. We thank you for helping us further our knowledge on this topic. We hope and aspire to be one of the many voices that can make a difference.


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