Shattered glass




Jessica uses a beautiful word to describe herself- iridescent. Jessica is an active blogger and is volunteering with Safecity as a blogger. A student by the hours, she is passionate and ferocious in her writing on several issues that plague gender and our society.

My favourite denim skirt,
And a polo shirt,
I didn’t expect a safe haven,
To turn to dirt.
A place I never visited since,
You took a piece of me,
One still missing from within.
I was a child,
Who respected you.
But you destroyed me,
In a four walled room.
The place in which I looked upto you,
You thrashed my insides,
Did what I can’t undo.
You serrated my will,
My soul inside.
When I couldn’t fight for myself,
I tried and died.
Because I didn’t believe,
That you could ruin.
You taught me to discern,
The right from wrongdoing.
Shrieks of pain,
& streams of red.
I cried & cried,
While you left me,
For dead.
Shock & darkness,
My body proof.
You turned my insides,
A monster’s playroom.
How sinful was I,a child?
To be trashed and used.
I lay there alive but barely,
Praying to be rescued.
My thinking still wishful,
I picked up my shreds.
No one came to my aid,
I fought for & saved myself.

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