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GeoSure is a new technology providing personalized travel safety content via mobile. Crowd-sourcing and data feeds from global sources fuel proprietary risk algorithms, delivering powerful threat temperatures to assess relative vulnerability anywhere in the world, street level, real-time. Essential to the world traveler, GeoSure responds to the safety information needs of business, holiday and educational travelers.


GeoSure aggregates, analyzes and evaluates hundreds of data sources, then further processes the data through rigorous vetting and statistical algorithms. The resulting information takes the form of GeoSure Threat Temperatures™. Our data are harvested from organizations such as WHO, UN, CDC, Interpol, human rights organizations, city and country crime statistics, plus many private and propriety data feeds, including a wide range of textual data harvested from the web.


GeoSure has rated every country, every city and will soon rate every neighborhood of every city in the world on six safety categories: overall security, physical harm, theft, basic freedoms, disease & medical and women’s safety.

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Nirbhaya: Be Fearless© is an android emergency application, which can send a distress call or emergency message to a specified contact or group in an emergency situation faced by a woman or any other individual in general. Correct Location, Information and Communication, with and from the app is dependent upon the basic hardware/software requirements, like – Active Data plan, SMS plan, minimum talk time and active GPS functionality.

Join the Safecity initiative and help others by STAMPing the ‘Safe’ and ‘Unsafe’ areas in your city. Use the app to create Safety Heat Maps for your cities.

Nirbhaya is a paid app on the iOS platform and offers in-app purchases.

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SafeTrac, is a free android app intended to provide enhanced safety and security. Through SafeTrac, the user’s journey can be safely tracked and monitored through the internet. In case of an emergency or when the user feels unsafe or threatened, they can click on the ‘Emergency’ button in the application. This immediately sends out an SMS and email alert to the emergency contacts registered by the user. Since the location of the user is readily known, help can be rushed in immediately. The users will need to register at the site and using SafeTrac is simple:

  • You will need to register at the site to get your user id and password.
  • Before launching the client app on your mobile, please ensure that your gps service is enabled. Normally on most android phones gps will be available on the same bar as wifi, Bluetooth, auto-rotation etc.
  • On launching the app, the app will invoke the GPS service and start sending your coordinates to the server. You can log into the safetrac site with the user id and password that you had registered. You should be able to see your current trip being listed as active under the security tracker.
  • On clicking on the map, you will see your current location and the map gets automatically refreshed to show your location. Hence your entire trip can be safely tracked and monitored.
  • If you are feeling unsafe or threatened, you can activate the emergency button. On clicking the button, an SMS and email automatically get sent out to emergency contacts that you had registered.
  • After your trip is complete, on clicking the exit button, the app stops tracking and the trip is marked as complete on the safetrac site.

Developer: KritiLabs
For any questions or suggestions please feel free to write to

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