Safecity’s Safe Campus Campaign

The Safecity’s Safe Campus Campaign is an initiative to empower young leaders to facilitate safe areas while giving them a first-hand experience of leadership, communication and organisational skills.

The duties of a Safecity Safety Champion are:

  • To facilitate collection of 20 (minimum) reports ( or through the mobile app available on the play store in Android or iOS.
  • Write a short blog/ post/ article on your experience in speaking with people to capture their stories.

As part of the program, Safecity will onboard you through:

  • Capacity building on using the tech platform
  • Capacity building on digital and data literacy
  • Facilitating a safe campus campaign in your campus
  • Customisation of the forms, access to dashboards to manage the data and help with visualisation of the data

List of workshops:

  • Understanding sexual harassment, abuse and relevant legislation like POSH, IPC, POCSO; Listening with empathy
  • Use of the Safecity app for audits and collection of crowdsourced data

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Community Champion Campaign 2021

What is it?

The Community Champion Campaign is a program for those people who have completed the Safecity Safe Campus Campaign organized in March 2021. Looking at the enthusiastic response of the first campaign and the willingness of people to continue to work with us, we have designed this campaign to take a step further in making the community safer. 

The Community Champion Campaign is an initiative to engage youth in making public spaces safer by designing action-oriented programs for the community to address safety issues.

Aims of the campaign:

  • To engage youth in making community safe
  • To figure out location-based trends or issues in safety of the community
  • To use the data of Safecity app in the community 
  • To find community-driven solutions to safety issues of the community

Duration of the Campaign:

July 2021 – October 2021

Roles and responsibilities of Community Champions:

  • Use a set of data of app (within your area or campus) and see trends
  • Identify a solution/ action you can to help make that place safer
  • Share your data and findings/impact of your action with the community or stakeholders
  • Prepare a report/presentation to be presented on 5th October, World Habitat Day

How to go about it?

We leave it to Community Champions to find creative ideas to use the data of your community and design your own project to identify trends and solutions to it. 

What will this program bring to the Champions?

  • Exposure to social sector
  • Develop leadership and communication skills 
  • Opportunity to present the output in international event

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