I Dream of a Perfect Street


Erika De Lesseps is in her second year of Millburn High School in the United States. She recently joined Safecity as blogging and social media intern. She is constantly looking to raise awareness about the injustice that women face all over the world

What is a perfect street? Is it well lit? Are their wide foot paths or maybe trees found at every corner? Cue the long description of what I would enjoy. I would like to think that my ideal street would have bright lamps with flower pots hanging from side to side. Mini flower gardens with breathtaking peonies and playful daffodils found on each corner of the street. The sweet scent of fresh baked goods linger through the path. Farmers markets enticing customers with their delicious produce but at the same time respecting the environment. Clean streets surrounded by magnificent skyscrapers or maybe quaint  homes with 17th century architecture. Flower vines creeping from the sides of street fences. Most importantly, the streets would be filled with amiable people. Too much? A little too extravagant? No, but really what should a street look like? What, an odd question to ask! Okay, right to it then. A street is supposed to include the concept of safety, safety for cars and perhaps people. 

Walking around India, it is quite easy to see that the streets are filled with bustling activities and noise. Some may say that bustling is understatement. It’s noisy, it’s crowded, it’s chaotic and it’s great . The streets must be paved. I would like to see a less hostile environment towards women. Walking the streets in India can be difficult when alone.Street lighting plays a huge part in safety. Less busy streets that are necessary to pass through should be carefully monitored at the same time made improvements on. Countries all over the world face this problem. Street harassment has become a prominent issue which more than 80% of women around the world have encountered. I would like the streets to be safe. Streets should give off a peaceful atmosphere. People merely walk past each other without giving off proactive expressions. Is it too hard to be kind , to smile to acknowledge another human sharing the street with you and me ? How can we create this perfect street? A simple step would be raising awareness to stop street harassment and let us all walk on safe peaceful inclusive streets.


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