What Gender Equality Means to Me


Zainab Laila is a young teenager who aspires to write to inspire others. She started writing at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since.

What Gender Equality Means to Me

Gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. All genders are treated equally and not discriminated against. It is a sign of a developed society and broader thinking. Gender equality shows that every gender has equal rights to do all the things without society telling them not to. Gender equality isn’t very prevalent in India, especially in the rural areas where the male always has higher post and dignity.
Studies have shown that the countries that have no or less gender inequality are more successful and developed than the countries where gender inequality prevails. Considering India, this aspect has had a considerable change but not as much it should be. Compared to the past, women are now allowed to work, get a complete education and various other things but yet the male status is considered prime and unmatchable be it for jobs, marriage, competition or any other aspect.

What is gender equality?
When you and your sister, both, are treated equally,
When your parents shout at you too,
When she is not nagged about doing household work frequently,
That, indeed is gender equality.

When your wife is not taunted for going to work,
When she does not get paid lesser than her male counterpart,
When she is not eve-teased by some jerk,
That, indeed is gender equality.

When your friend is taught to be self-sufficient,
When she is not forced to quit school,
When she is motivated to be that efficient,
That, indeed is gender equality.

When your daughter doesn’t have to behave a certain way,
When she can do anything she wants,
When being a girl doesn’t affect what she has to say,
That, indeed is gender equality.

Lastly, when you know how to motivate them all,
Make them feel nothing less than you,
When you care and don’t want to see them fall,
That, surely is gender equality!


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