Domestic Violence: The crime silenced amidst pandemic


Prabhjyot is an avid researcher, who’s keen about studying thoughts and developing perspectives. She’s interested to build fresh ideas that result in collective understanding. She shares about the violence within households during this lockdown. Can we afterall #stayhomestaysafe?

Across the globe people are witnessing changes in their lifestyle from living in a daily accustomed chaotic routine to being quarantined at home. The pandemic has indeed resulted in fear as the number of Covid – 19 cases increases daily.

People have been hoarding essentials in fear of this lockdown, at such times it is observed that the actions of people tend to become immoral which disturbs the discipline in the society. This situation enables criminal activities to become more volatile as the raging pandemic is in the spotlight of the police and government authorities.

Over the past few weeks the rate of domestic violence reported has doubled in the USA and the same trend has been witnessed in the rest of the world. There have been cases where women have been taken advantage of by being trapped with their abusive partners, creating a threat to their safety.

The cause of domestic violence in this situation could be stress due to loss of job due to the pandemic, thus it’s critical to talk about mental health considering the current scenario. Furthermore, it’s essential to support the most vulnerable individuals financially and mentally, which includes forming special initiatives for daily wage workers by providing them with funds or with a platform to avail essential products on credit; and also a special platform for people to avail professional treatment for stress and abuse.

At such unprecedented times we must develop a conscious dialogue regarding the importance of safety against domestic violence and the Covid – 19 virus.

Plank the curve. Stay home. Stay safe


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