IMG-20150311-WA0002 (1)Nidhisha- “I am a soul on fire, a warrior at peace, and a burning light that won’t fade away.” Nidhisha is a blogger volunteering with Safecity, she is an active contributor to ‘The Writer’s Movement.’


I check the time; it’s 6 in the evening. Ashni should be here to pick me up any moment now. She wanted to go out for a girl’s night out. We’ve known each other for quite some time now. She studies in the same university as me. Initially, I wasn’t really comfortable with her and I doubt she even liked me but we eventually got along. She suggested we go to a party at her friend’s place. I knew better than to argue with her so I agreed to tag along. I hear a knock on the door. Slipping on my heels I walk out of the room and open the door of the dorm. She looks stunning as usual in her plum dress. “Are you really coming to a party in skinny jeans and a halter neck?” I shrug and nod. I grab my jacket, my purse and keys before shutting the door behind me. I hope to leave the party before midnight, considering the fact that the city is not so safe at night.

We drive to the venue in Ashni’s car. The party is in a huge farm house of a girl whose dad is a politician. I don’t know how going to a friend’s party counts as a girl’s night out. I feel a bit uneasy here. “Didn’t you say this was strictly an all-girls party?” I ask. “Yeah, I guess I did. Now hurry up and get inside. I want to drink till my head explodes.”

“But, you said…”

“Yes I did, but would you have come here if I did?”


“Exactly, now get inside”

I don’t have a good feeling about this. The night feels cold, it’s like the winds are warning me about something, something that I can’t place my finger on. We enter the huge farm house. I take a look around my surroundings. People dancing, drinking, talking, and screaming. I want to get out of this place. I was never comfortable going to college parties. Ashni greets a bunch of people and I’m forced to tag along. She introduces me to some of them. One of the girls in the group offers me a drink and I decline.

Hours into the party a bunch of guys come in and join the group. They greet Ashni and a few other people. I decide to keep quiet and leave the party before anyone notices. I turn around and walk away. I’m halfway across the hall and someone snatches me by my arm and I yelp. I turn and find one of the guys from the group look at me. “Are you leaving?” he asks me. I gulp and nod. “Hey chill out, I’m not going to eat you. Here have a drink.” He hands me a glass of the yellow looking liquid. “I’m sorry I don’t…”

“Drink it.” He says sternly. He’s intimidating. I cringe at the thought of letting the yellow liquid go down my throat. “You need to loosen up a bit. One drink isn’t going to hurt.” He says sweetly. I look at him and fake a smile before sipping from the glass. I gag instantly and he laughs. “I’m Neil by the way. And you are..?”

“Maya” I say looking up at him. “So Maya, how come I’ve never seen you around here?”

“I don’t usually go to parties. Ashni dragged me to this one. I was just going to leave and you stopped me.” I said. He smiles, “Oh. Why, you don’t like parties or something? Let me guess. You’re one of those studious kids?” I sip from the glass and nod. This tastes so bad, it’s disgusting. “Finish that up and I’ll get you another one.” Before I can say no he looks at me and says, “It’s an order.”

I down the liquid from the glass. Maybe he’s right, I need to loosen up, I’ve been in my little shell all this while and it’s time I crack it open.

I’m on my fourth cup. Maybe? I feel like I’m floating. I see dancing bodies all around me. Neil grabs my arm and pushes through the crowd. The weird thing is that I can’t feel his hand holding my arm. My head feels heavy as I push through drunken bodies. He leads me upstairs and turns left to the second door. Grabbing the door knob he opens it pushing me in.  All the lights in the room come on; I have to blink to keep myself from going blind. The room around me spins and I catch hold of the first thing beside me, a desk. I steady myself, groaning and clutching my stomach. I can feel my lunch and all the alcohol come up. I vomit all over the floor. “Ugh. That’s disgusting” I hear a familiar voice speak up.

“Dude, I thought you’d be done with her by now. What’s taking you so long?” Ashni? She’s still here? I should ask her to take me back to the dorm. I feel sick.”

“I thought I’d let her have some fun before I have some fun with her.” I cringe at his excited voice. Neil. That’s Neil. Who are they talking about? I groan.

I hear footsteps behind me. Neil picks me up by my arms and places me on the bed and heads out of the room. A few minutes later he returns with a glass in his hand. “Here, it’s orange juice. It’ll help keep you hydrated.” he says placing the glass in my hand. I gulp the glass down. It feels good and refreshing.

“Who were you both talking about?”I ask. I feel nauseous. My vision is blurring. Blink, I need to blink. But why can’t I? I blink. Where am I? I hold on to the sheets on the bed to avoid falling. “You’ll know soon.” He says. I’ll know what? What is he talking about? Who is he? “Let’s get this party started baby.” He whispers. Party? I don’t want to party anymore. I’ve learnt my lesson, I don’t want to drink anymore. Before I can speak up, I’m thrown onto the bed. My head hits the bed frame and I black out.

I open my eyes and look at him hovering over me. Who is he? I know him but I don’t remember who he is. I feel his hand on my thigh. Why is he touching me? I don’t want him to touch me. Why can’t I move my arms? His hand moves lower. “Stop” I groan. Don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me. I’m naked. Why am I naked? I want him to stop, before I know there are tears rolling down my cheek.

“Awe baby, don’t cry. It’ll be over before you know it. You will thank me for taking it from you. There are bad guys in this world. Very bad guys. We don’t want sweet little innocent Maya to get her precious heartbroken, do we? Now be a good girl and I won’t hurt you” he coos.

“NO.” I squeak. “Don’t touch…me. I’ll…tell…her” Her. Who’s her? Yes Ashni. “I’ll tell…Ash…ni”

He snickers, “Do you think your dear Ashni will help you? What if I tell you she’s the one who set you up?” He places his hand over my stomach. I kick him in the face and start screaming.

No. She can’t do that. She’s my friend. I should scream. Scream for help. “HELP! HELP ME” He grabs my stomach and my hand. I catch hold of his hair and pull. He lets go of my hand and I punch him in his groin “Ah! You piece of shit.” He yelps and catches hold of my hair. I open my mouth to scream once more. Realizing what I’m going to do, he closes my mouth and slaps me across my face. “I told you to keep quiet. “He says with his teeth clenched

The room starts spinning again and I’m dragged back into darkness…

If you have been through this, it isn’t your fault. Non consensual sex is rape. Report now!


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