Volunteer Experience


Volunteer – Jyotsna Kalra

Working with safecity has been a wonderful experience so far. You Meet new people, build a team and Face all the challenges together. Thanks to our amazing leader Niharika Jain for our fun Delhi underbelly team and all the brainstorming! Not just it provides you with a platform [...]Read more

Volunteer – Deeksha Nayyar

Fighting for the freedom and rights of a women has never been an old thing to do. It is burried deep in my soul for as long as I can remember. The adrenaline rush I get just talking on this topic is a proof that there is nothing in this world that will give me […]Read more

Volunteer – Sheen Jain

Equality for women has been a theoretical concept, on paper and never for real. They have always been someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother and never a person, always identified by how they are related to a man. It’s high time they were treated as humans first, and [...]Read more

Volunteer – Aakansha Bisht

Safecity was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It truly enriched my college experience and gave me the chance to grow as an individual. I met wonderful people while working for Safecity. I learned about team building, leadership and hard work from my fellow [...]Read more

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