Safecity Tweetchats


Maternal Health and taboos

Indian Women blog (@indianwomenblog) curated Safecity’s Twitter handle @pinthecreep from 5 August to 10 August with the theme ‘Maternal health and taboos’. On 5th August, the discussion revolved around ‘Building crèches on Construction sites: Grassroot [...]Read more

Young Women Empowerment

On 2nd August 2019, Karishma Jangid hosted a Tweetchat curated by Abdul Mufeez Shaheed @abdulmshaheed about “Young women empowerment”. The chat began by discussing the different barriers that limit young women from achieving their potential, be it at home, in schools, or even in [...]Read more

Prioritising General Health and Well-being

On 26th July 2019, Dr. Michelle Frank @DrMichelleF conducted a tweetchat on “Prioritizing our general health and well-being”.   The chat commenced with the questio, whether the participants make their health a priority. Many people confessed that they struggle to take care of [...]Read more

Street Harassment

On 19th July Shivani @shivii_26 conducted a Tweetchat on – “Street Harassment”   This is a topic that resonates with all of us, irrespective of age. The chat opened with the question of whether we should confront the situation when someone tries to harass us. It had the [...]Read more

Adolescent Expectation from Education

On 12th July, Jahanara Raza @jahanara_raza conducted a Tweetchat on “Adolescent Expectation from Education” – The chat commenced by asking how female students can form their voice to which the audience replied with options like ‘providing opportunities within and [...]Read more

Climate Change from a Gendered Perspective

On 5th July Yashorma Sandal @Yashorma1 conducted a Tweetchat on – “Climate Change from a Gendered Perspective”  The chat began by asking about the biggest threats that climate change poses to us, as humans. The audience gave examples of threats like water depletion, declining [...]Read more

Do we learn gender equality in Schools?

Anna Anandita is a 23 year old hailing from the temple city Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She is currently pursuing M.Tech in Chemical Engineering in National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. Apart from academics, she enjoys writing, painting, dancing and occasional singing. She is [...]Read more

Who manages your garbage?

On 28th June 2019, Aprita Bhagat @latentappy conducted a Tweetchat on “Who manages your Garbage?” The chat began by asking the question of who was responsible for managing solid waste. The audience answered that while the municipal authorities are responsible, even individuals [...]Read more

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