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The Indian Classes of Women

Written by Anjali Kumari Women in Indian society have always been deprived of equal opportunities and expression as their counterpart men have enjoyed. Even if we argue that able women have not been deprived of equality and taken up power of position in accordance with their [...]Read more

Beauty with Brains

Nida Shaikh is a self-proclaimed feminist and a writer who wants to stay on the right side of history. Pursuing her passion for writing, she has taken up English Literature hoping that somehow she helps society to be better than what it has always been. “For a girl, you are [...]Read more

Intersectional Feminsim

All my life I felt like I don’t know myself and when I finally learned to recognize myself, society doesn’t want to recognize me as a human. It’s been almost 3 hours since I have sat here on this table trying to pen down questions for the interview and all I [...]Read more

Society: Differentiates or Integrates!

Society: Differentiates or Integrates! – Anjali Kumari Society is a complex thing to understand. It’s a dish consisting of as many ingredients as people, some simple, some complex, some bitter, and some sweet. As simple as a dish, sushi is to die for some and some don’t [...]Read more

The ‘Teen’acious Girl Leaders

The ‘Teen’acious Girl Leaders  -Anjali Kumari  Women are portrayed to have made progressive milestones in various fields, but the ground reality remains gloomy. There is no denial in the fact that women have excelled in the fields they have chosen and that too very efficiently, [...]Read more

Mother or Working Mother?

MOTHER or WORKING MOTHER? – Anjali   The kindest one in this world. “Ah! That can only be a mother.” The pressure we as a society put on a woman is how she has to be, up to certain expectations, to be a good mother. Why do moms have to be the perfect parent among […]Read more

Shades In Red

Antara Basu is a feminist writer and blogger, hanging by the thread of procrastination trying to achieve perfectionism. She is a Blogging intern with Safecity and has been with us for more than three months. Shades in Red By Antara Basu   The red amidst her legs, Taints the [...]Read more

The Real SUPERSHERO “Seema Dhaka”

Sunny is a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate from Delhi. Currently pursuing a PG Diploma in PR, Media and Event Management from New Delhi YMCA, he loves to write, post food pictures on his food IG blog and sometimes sing very terribly. But where he scores brownie [...]Read more

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