April, 2018


Are Women Ragpickers Safe and Protected?

Sonia Rathore, a student of forensics, is currently pursuing her Masters. She is a firm supporter of “Gender Equality” and believes that everyone has their own sense of self-dignity that earns respect. She is an animal lover and has always excelled in academics and all other [...]Read more

Confessions of a Troller

The belief that “A pen is mightier than a sword” tends to dominate Megha Yadav’s principles when it comes to communicating her ideas to the world. She enunciates to the fact that the heart-staking words which can be gently penned down have always been the cause of Renaissance [...]Read more

Effects of the #MeToo Movement on Survivors

On Friday, Rachel Thompson @RachelintheOC conducted a tweetchat on the Effects of the #MeToo movement on Survivors. The chat began by questioning how and whether the #MeToo movement affected sexual abuse survivors and asked participants for their thoughts on people who disbelieve [...]Read more

Housing Issues for Single Women

I have always thought of Mumbai as a really progressive city because of the way people are accepting towards different perspectives of life. Coming from a city like Kolkata, where just by the attire a woman chooses to wear or by the way she wishes to deal with an issue people [...]Read more

Safecity Monthly Updates : March 2018

Safecity is growing exponentially and we’re constantly working hard to translate our vision to reality. Because we don’t want you to miss out on our work, we’ve decided to put together a monthly column to tell you about what we’ve been up to. You can sign up for our [...]Read more

Know Our Team- Reflections

Aarushee Shukhla is the Youth Outreach Officer at Safecity. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Economics from Hansraj college, University of Delhi, she is a feminist at heart taking small but strong steps to demolish the institution of patriarchy. She revels in debating [...]Read more

Unsafe Streets

On 30th March, Renita Siqueira @renitasiqueira conducted a chat on Unsafe Streets with guest Mandy Sanghera @Mandy_Sanghera1. The chat began by asking the audience some of the dangers faced on streets and means of identifying pockets of errant behaviour. The issue of increased [...]Read more

Views shared about a #positionofstrength

 Vanshika Deswal works as a Co-campus Ambassador of Delhi University with Safecity. She’s currently in her 2nd year of graduation and pursuing literature. She wants to work for a more equal society and bring the marginalized groups into mainstream. She hopes to enter [...]Read more

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