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Few months back I participated in a candle light protest against the verdict of the Delhi Rape Case, in which one of guilty was proved juvenile and he was sentenced to 3 years in the Juvenile School. I am sure most of us do not agree to this verdict, but this is the irony of the Law & Order, which does allow exceptional twists and turns in the name of section number a, b or c and bylaws number x, y or z. While there is lot of work required to improvise the way Law & Order is at public’s disposal today (and there is always a hope to a new beginning and changes), there are lot of things in our hands as ‘citizens of India’ that can be instantly done to make a difference.

Women harassment is still a very sensitive subject in our country and one that probably requires immediate attention. While there are few cases in which the victim and her family do come out in public to fight for justice, most cases do not see the light of the day. They are buried, not only by the system but also by the victims. Why is that we fear to fight for the justice? Why is that we still think this subject as a big taboo to even discuss open and out in public gatherings or a coffee table discussion at home? Why is that women are still considered weaker than men? And why is that most young girls are demanded to remain docile or naive else they are considered too bold and out of control? Don’t these questions deserve an answer – something that each one of us should ask ourselves to our deepest conscience?

There is no point blaming the system, law & order or the opposite sex for brutality unless we have done our bits. There is a lot that one can do – at least an effort to bring tiny little change is all that is required.  For e.g. teach our sons that they are no powerful than any female and teach our daughter to never feel weaker than any male in the face of this earth, accept no exceptions – even if that means to take a stand against our own family member, teach self defense in schools or via public workshops, have access to an instant helpline number, teach kids – how to interpret wrong intent from other person, be vigilant of the surroundings – not just for our own family members, but also for our neighborhood, change our mindset to treat the victims with respect and consider them equals, offer psychological help to the victims to overcome the trauma, give them opportunity to live life all over again and lot more. There are small steps that one can take to create big difference. The list is endless.

It only requires one brick at a time to create wall!

– Jini

Jini is an active blogger, residing out of Mumbai, India. She is currently working as a CRM manager with a renowned beauty brand. She believes that there is no shortcut to success and therefore hard work and discipline are very important to achieve ones dreams. Apart from work, she also likes to travel, watch movies and write on her blog.


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