When Peace & Justice Create Strong Institutions


Shilpa Rani is a third-year undergraduate pursuing law from NUSRL, Ranchi.  She believes that having an idea is futile if it is not expressed to the world. She wants to give all her dreams a chance.

When Peace & Justice Create Strong Institutions

She was never just ‘her’,
All she was, was a part of her family.
The irony lies there,
That family was never ‘her’ in reality.

In spite of all the comfort, as thought by those members,
She felt that hers was just a closed chamber.

But she smiled in spite of being in captivity,
For no one understood her pain’s gravity.

For which she was never in peace of mind,
She was just one of such kind.

We have seen many examples of poor victims-
Be it homicide, trafficking or sexual harassment,

Be it a child, a girl or even aged.
Many are in grievous pain, for they are being excluded,

Whether life is too hard for everything to be managed,
Does not matter for one, who is socially and emotionally challenged.

Institutions, sleeping over awakening matters are so silent.
I don’t know whether they are waiting for something very violent.

Unless we join hands together with people all over the world, not just our natives,
All the theories and laws on peace and justice won’t be effective.


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