What do Women really want?

Yamini Sharma is a coder and a blogger. Hoping to bring a change in society via her blogs, she talks about how women want more than mere chivalry. 

“Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.”, rightly said by David Alejandro Fearnhead. Today we are all sailing in the same boat trying to get the idea about what kind of revolution we truly want. As a human I know that women have to go through a different struggle all together but do they really want metro seats and free bus tickets or a special coach in the metro? No, in fact they want a safe transport not a free transport, they never asked for a separate coach but for a coach which is safe for them. They don’t want separation from men but freedom to travel anywhere at anytime without the fear of being harassed. They want equal salary, not less working hours. The struggle was and always had been about getting equal rights. Neither more nor less than men.

And today’s woman doesn’t hesitate to take stand for herself. She does not ask for chivalry but for respect, safety and equality. Amidst everything happening around us, we haven’t given a thought to safety in the way it’s required.

The world is more focussed on free tickets while violence against women prevails. When we started the struggle; the main motto was to provide a society which is safe for women, where they are treated equally. A society where she can do whatever she want without any apprehensions of being judged or mistreated.

But today, the meaning is digressing and limits the definition of feminism with free things without addressing real issues. I have known so many strong women and it’s actually a surprise that media doesn’t show the amazing women that we know live around us. It’s busy showing the stereotypical, jealous high-school girls or wives. As youth we are the future of this country and it’s on us how we represent our country in the world whether we want to show a typically patriarchal country or a country with modern thoughts. Modernity doesn’t only mean infrastructural development and use of western equipment, but it also means human development in their thought process. To conclude my thoughts, I will just say that women not only want chivalry but also the right pair of shoes to conquer the world.


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