Volunteer – Sophie Tran

I’m an advocate for Safecity because the organization’s mission touches me in a very sensitive and personal level. I am deeply inspired by Safecity’s work, all of the volunteers in different parts of the world who are continuously generous to help. But most especially, I am inspired by the communities that Safecity serves.

I met co-founder Elsa Dsilva by chance. And was touched, excited, and inspired to learn about her passion and work through Safecity. For years, I have been struggling to address some of the issues that Safecity tackles… on my own. When I learned about Elsa and Safecity’s mission, I KNEW I had to be a part of Safecity… because Safecity’s mission is MY mission.I volunteer for Safecity because I understand, as a woman, the many unspoken things involved in issues that range from daily street harassment to severe crime and violence against women (and men.)

Since my childhood, I’ve experienced years of long-term struggles in my personal life. And those experiences have affected me and haunted me into my adulthood in too many ways to count. While I have overcome most of my struggles related to abuse, I continue to experience “less traumatic” experiences (such as street harassment) on a daily basis.Though street harassment may be considered “less traumatic”, it causes the same emotions of anxiety and insecurities that I have experienced in my past…Unfortunately, street harassment is often brushed off as “insignificant” and deemed an issue not worth reporting to police (compared to rape, sexual assault, and other things.)

I am fortunate (not really, but kind of) to have only experienced harassment and abuse. I say I am “fortunate” because those experiences, though traumatic and deeply rooted in complex issues, have not costed my life… but many women have either lost their lives… or are at high risks of endangerment. Such issues include crime and violence against women, abuse, kidnapping, and even harassment…No woman in this world should EVER fear or be robbed of her safety, security, privacy, comfort, and peace of mind. These are only some of the many reasons why I volunteer and fully support Safecity.

I hope you may be inspired to volunteer for Safecity as well or at least learn about how Safecity is creating a safer world for women.

Sophie Tran volunteered for Safecity in Philadelphia, USA


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