The ‘Teen’acious Girl Leaders

The ‘Teen’acious Girl Leaders 

-Anjali Kumari 

Women are portrayed to have made progressive milestones in various fields, but the ground reality remains gloomy. There is no denial in the fact that women have excelled in the fields they have chosen and that too very efficiently, but still, the world questions their ability based on them being a woman. Representation of women does exist in our society at various classes and levels but what is depressing is the ratio associated with these representations. We have very little female representation comparatively as to how much would have been. Owing to various societal reasons women and girls don’t get a fair chance as their counterparts men and boys do.

But times are changing, we still are very far behind but at least the speed of it has accelerated. Women and girls from various backgrounds are calling out, making their voices demand to be heard. One of the latest trends that have been noticed is the emergence of teen girl activists across the globe with their loud voices demanding our attention. The resistance to patriarchal voices, which has now and then tried to push girls back to the voiceless class, have emerged as efficient leaders raising their voices for concerns that have stopped mattering to the world and to their so-called power-holders. These teen world leaders with their tenacity and courage have set inspiration not just for the young generation of women but for the older ones too sending the clear message that age is just a number.

On 11th October every year, we observe ‘UN International Day of the Girl Child’, to recognize their rights and the unique challenges they face around the world. These girl children are our future women leaders. They must know and be able to exercise their rights and we as a society should prioritize supporting them, encouraging them,  and facilitating their growth.

Them demanding equality, their right to education, property rights, resistance against violence on women, imposing the importance of their right to be safe, and everything that is rightfully theirs, and what is right for the world too, they have put forth their needs and what is right for humanity, what constitutes the call of the hour. These changes are for a better world of equality and righteousness.

There are many examples of these teen girl leaders, everyone is aware of the great Greta Thunberg, who challenged the most prominent leaders of the world regarding climate change that is happening, and to which these leaders have been denying for a long and degrading it more. Malala Yousafzai, who stood for the education of girls fearing no suppressing force, fighting bravely against the patriarchal administration which eventually won her the Nobel Prize. There are many such names giving out the strong message that these norms can’t suppress feminine courage and power.  Their most important tool is education, and a supportive and encouraging family the next.

Education which should have been a necessity is still a luxury and girls find it harder to avail comparatively to boys. Due to them being girls, either they don’t need it or they can’t afford it. The only drawback of a girl is being a girl according to the patriarchal society. Not because girls are not able or hardworking, but because they’re girls. This very assertion vilifies their existence. And today, in 2021, when women and girls have achieved many milestones and proved their ability to lead, they still have to fight for equality and their rights. Therefore we need these young girl leaders to imbibe courage into those who are being deprived of their rights and to make them stand up for the case that concerns them and their niche.

Supporting our girls today will make a strong power base for our future womenfolk and we as a progressive society would get near our goal of bridging the gap between genders. For centuries, half the workforce i.e. of women have not actively participated in global affairs but now the time has come for equal representation so that they can make a society that is more equal and just, and where women do not have to prove their worth of existence.

Empower our girls and we shall have empowered women.




The views expressed are that of the writer. 


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