The Right Start with Save the Children


On September 6, 2019, Save the Children (@stc_india) conducted a tweetchat on Safecity’s Twitter handle (@pinthecreep) about their campaign ‘Why the Gap’.

The tweetchat discussed providing the children with The Right Start. The tweetchat began with the question asking which Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is most important for the children to get the right start. The popular opinion amongst the participants was that for children to get the right start, not one but different combinations of SDGs are required. The second question was what is the biggest challenge to the vision of fully educated India. The challenges that came in the responses included a lack of proper infrastructure, not being able to convince the parent about the need for education, gender equality, etc. Then the discussion dealt with the question of how digital campaigns like #WhyTheGap in ensuring the right start for children. Here, the participants stated that digital campaigns motivate a conversation. The fourth question asked was whether does government schemes and provision reach every last child in India. The participants agreed that government schemes do not reach everyone and measures need to be taken to rule out this limitation.  The fifth question asked was how the general public can get involved in helping the children to get the right start. The participants said that they can volunteer, donate, mentor, coach, etc. Other advises mentioned were- provide opportunities, create spaces for interaction, listen, be open and educate. The tweetchat ended with the last question of how can the public, as a collective, ensure girl and
women safety in public spaces. All responded that even small steps can help a lot. For example, if someone is in danger, we should help, giving training to people regarding how to behave in public. The tweetchat generated a much needed and insightful dialogue.

A tweetchat by Save the Children.


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