The Bystander: Stand by or Speak up?




Jessica uses a beautiful word to describe herself- iridescent. Jessica is an active blogger and is volunteering with Safecity as a blogger. A student by the hours, she is passionate and ferocious in her writing on several issues that plague gender and our society.

Safety in public spaces is found in pairs or groups. When alone,it’s found in one’s own guard. Till it’s broached. Then our illusions shatter, our bubbles pop and we look around. Who is there to help?
The answer should be everyone. We should be able to count on our fellow citizens to stand up for our fundamental rights and vice versa. This is easier said than done. The Bystander Effect has been reinstated in our country time and again. From cases such as that of the  Amboli Bravehearts, Guwahati’s Shame, Nirbhaya, to one of your Elderly neighbour’s chain being snatched on the street. We have stood still in the moment of harassment. What if this were to change?
Taking on a lone harasser is easy. You can go up to them and knock some sense into their noggin and if that fails, gather a crowd to help. Tackling a group of harassers seems insurmountable. Especially if they’re armed. You can expect people to join you during the day but what about at night? When there may just be a few souls on the street or none. Pick up your phone and call or text the Police! That’s the least and ideally the first thing you should do no matter the time, place or amount of help from people around.  Know your City Police’s hotline number.
If we intervene at the right moment,we won’t have to come out the next day to protest or light candles.We could just maybe have saved a life. We would feel secure when we’re in Public. Because we know that we’ll stand up for each other.
Change begins with you. Be brave enough to see it through!


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