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Gender Equality at the Workplace: Need of the Hour

On November 1, 2019, Richa Chadha conducted a Tweetchat regarding ‘Gender Equality at the Workplace’ on Safecity’s Twitter handle @pinthecreep. Participants voiced their views and opinions to a number of questions asked by Ms Richa. The conversation began with understanding the [...]Read more

Role of Civil Society in Child Protection

On 18th October, Himanshu Gupta conducted a TweetChat about ‘Role of Civil Society in Child Protection’ on Safecity’s Twitter handle @pinthecreep. Many people were on board to discuss and share their opinions on this topic. The chat followed a series of [...]Read more

Uncloaking the Taboos on Contraception and Abortion

On October 04, Dr Michelle Frank conducted a TweetChat with guest My body, My Choice India on the topic of “Uncloaking the Taboos on Contraception and Abortion” on Safecity’s Twitter handle @pinthecreep. The TweetChat commenced with the question about the limitations that [...]Read more

World Suicide Prevention Month

On September 21, Lindsey Turnbull, owner and founder of MissHeard Media, hosted a tweet chat on Safecity’s twitter handle @pinthecreep about ‘Suicide Prevention’. The TweetChat focused on understanding the reasons for suicide and the ways to prevent them. The topic garnered a lot [...]Read more

Economic Empowerment of Women- Need of the Hour

On 30th August 2019, Anisha Mohanta conducted a tweetchat on Safecity’s twitter handle (@pinthecreep) about ‘Economic Empowerment of Women’. The tweetchat began with a crucial question about the existent gender pay gap. The most prevalent opinion was that there indeed [...]Read more

Maternal Health and taboos

Indian Women blog (@indianwomenblog) curated Safecity’s Twitter handle @pinthecreep from 5 August to 10 August with the theme ‘Maternal health and taboos’. On 5th August, the discussion revolved around ‘Building crèches on Construction sites: Grassroot [...]Read more

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