bystander intervention


Community Policing in India

On 21st Dec 2018, Anuja Sawant @anujasaw conducted a tweetchat on ‘Community Policing in India’ The chat began by asking the audience how community policing was different from conventional policing and then explained the difference of it being more of a community [...]Read more

Bystanders- Please Intervene?

Prabhjyot Kaur is a 20 year old Mumbai girl whose daily aspiration is to add value to other’s thoughts along with her own. Bystanders- Please Intervene? In broad daylight on a busy street a woman was allegedly raped by a drunk man in full public view on the pavement of the street [...]Read more

Bystander Intervention

On Friday 8th September, Kirthi Jayakumar @kirthijayakumar conducted a tweetchat on Bystander Intervention. This Tweetchat revolves around understanding a bystander and why they refuse to intervene in matters that are clearly affecting someone else. The message that this [...]Read more

Voices that Need to be Heard

Ayesha Mehrotra is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Bangalore. She is passionate about the environment and various social issues. Through her writing at this platform, she hopes to encourage the millions of unheard voices to speak out. [...]Read more

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