Society: Differentiates or Integrates!

Society: Differentiates or Integrates!

– Anjali Kumari

Society is a complex thing to understand. It’s a dish consisting of as many ingredients as people, some simple, some complex, some bitter, and some sweet. As simple as a dish, sushi is to die for some and some don’t even find it logical enough to exist, is the fact simple that, there are customs and practices in a societal community, that for some are illogical and some hold them sacred. A society is made of such bittersweet elements and you just can’t have only the sweet ones when you live in one. Adjustment and acceptance are what changes the game. Those who acquire the ability to agree with disagreements make living easier for them and for the people around them too. Basically, when one fails to see the fact that ultimately we all are headed towards stability, happiness and peace, unrest happens, people fight, all taking us away from what we all are striving for.

Society is divided in every possible aspect and then the only common thing that unites us all is diversity, indifference, and change, the only constant that is and that should be. We as a society find it so hard to accept indifferences, many would argue that we are better than many, but is that enough? Partial liberality is also hypocrisy as partial conservatism is. You can just not advocate for things that you agree with and you find your interests associated with, that is what hypocrisy is. The societies that we all live in do not just comprise us, our families, and our friends. But many other people, many other diversities, and all of them are as many constituents of the society as we are. The existence of regulating authorities is the very proof that eventually we all want a peaceful society. The bias, but, still finds its existence and we all find it quite hard to let that one thing go, and that’s okay till it’s just about you but not when it affects the people and the diversity we co-exist with.

Why one gender wants superiority over other genders and why some are still fighting for recognition and acceptance. Why do the rich don’t respect the lives and sentiments of the poor?, and why does the poor hate the rich for being rich? Why power is unequally distributed among classes and communities and why do adults patronize kids and why kids rebel. Why the only species that is and should be hailed is the human species. Why do we ignore and disrespect the earth, our nature, and every resource that it gifted us? We all know somewhat subconsciously that where we went wrong and where we are going wrong, headed towards us becoming hypocrites and we still do it and then never turn back from that road. The only answer is we all want the earth to revolve around us and our interests and that is not possible until we become the sun. Nothing is right or wrong until you put that up in a certain frame of reference. Hence the solution to societal integrity is then acceptance. Accept. Accept. Accept and then change accordingly.

And those arguing with the fact that the stronger lives on and the weaker has to bow to them, it would be a harsh reminder that we do not live in jungles and caves anymore and there is a reason why there are authorities and governmental bodies working in every corner of the world that regulate in a way to diminish the differences and at best provide with equal justice of life to every diversity. There tends to be a reason why we are called civilized animals, the word civilized here runs the world. It has also run over the world and needs to be reminded of its duties and responsibilities instead of diminishing boundaries. We need to be aware of the fact that we have made houses out of jungles and we cannot make jungles out of houses even if we want to. The only way forward is to manage well what we have made, keeping in mind social harmony and integrity. Conservatism and progress go hand in hand, we can’t progress until we conserve. Move ahead with making ways not crushing labors. This world needs the weaker side of diversity too to co-exist with the stronger. Realities change and it is no more needed that the weaker or less important need to go extinct or just vanish in order for the stronger and more important ones to survive. Every part of this diversity is meant for coexistence; you can’t just let one go extinct without it being noticed.


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