Taxshe’s aim is to provide women drivers on call for you, to pick up and drive your children to and from school, to drive your parents for medical appointments, to drive your wife and sisters to work, for shopping trips and family gatherings.  Our aim is to create a safe environment for our families to move around. The structure is simple –YOUR CAR AND OUR DRIVER (ONLY WOMEN)

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Majority of women assume they are physically helpless against a bigger and more aggressive man. This mind-set cannot be changed in a few hours of training. Hence when teaching women personal safety to women, more stress has to be given on the psychological aspects of handling a sexual aggressor. The teaching should focus more on how to anticipate and evade a sexual offender from approaching i.e the Preventive & Pre-emptive aspects! The physical aspect of personal safety has to be a last resort when the victim has been surprised or she has failed to anticipate. The physical tactics should only use gross motor skills which can be implemented intuitively under stress. Complicated and layered tactics will fail, since they require sustained practice. And above all they should work for a small woman against a bigger aggressor. KravMaga offers various courses and trainings on handling street harassment and self defense.

For more details on KravMaga contact Mr. Sreeram on +9193400 06600

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+9193400 06600

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