Safety of Women at Workplace #16Days


Naina Jha conducted a workshop for 25 women of Jagran Sangini Club on “Safety of Women at Workplace” on 28th November, during 16 days of Activism.

Everyone shared their views on how women can stay safe at their workplace. Most of the women were of the view that women should not be too friendly with men in their office. They should not share their personal issues with their colleagues as it can make them vulnerable. Most of the women were of the view that women certainly set some limit when it comes to talking to male colleagues.

Then Naina asked them what that limit was and whom it was decided by since limits vary depending on person and situation. With the help of an example, she explained that people might misconstrue the relation between a male and female colleague just because they are good friends.

Naina then talked about the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act (Prohibition, Prevention and Redressal)  POSH Act defining its various terms, definitions, the law and its various section pertaining to harassment in different situations in the workplace. She also spoke about the Internal and Local Complaints Committees (ICC and LCC).

She concluded the workshop by reiterating the importance of speaking up if a person is harassed or is aware of someone else being harassed, they must report and keep evidence to strengthen their case. Most importantly, she said, we need to involve men if we want to make our workplace safer.




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