Safecity Emerging Leader: Adya


Safecity is celebrating the journey of people who have emerged as leaders as our campaigns progressed in their communities through our blog series “Safecity Emerging Leaders“. Read the inspiring stories of these individuals who are passionate about making their neighbourhoods safer with Safecity and have taken action in their own special ways. 

Safecity Emerging Leader: Adya

Every individual in the world encounters their own set of issues and problems, but not every person aims to resolve the issue just for themselves but also for everyone else. That is precisely what I wanted to accomplish when I first joined Safecity a couple of months ago.

I started off my internship at Safecity by simply posting their images and promotions on social media. However, as I continued to spend more time something seemed to change. Even these simple tasks, seemed to give me more and more insights into what people were prone to experience. Not only that but I was also presented with insights of what people had experienced via various Tweetchats. This became even more apparent to me when I conducted my very first Tweetchat regarding poverty and sexual harassment.

After spending some time, I was eventually asked to write an article about women’s health and that is when I truly realized how little I actually knew about the topic. When I started doing research, finding statistics about prevalence rates and even looking into other peoples’ perspectives, I came to the conclusion that there is still a lot that we take for granted in terms of what we know and what we don’t. Having infinite knowledge is, needless to say, entirely impossible but that is not to say that one cannot expand their knowledge every day. That is the platform that Safecity has given to me. I learn something new about the way people live, the problems women face and the solutions that can be created in order to solve those problems.


I believe the majority of youngsters in the modern day take upon volunteer programs and internships as a requirement, for their resume and job applications. But at the end of the day, they take away a handful of teachings, which they had never expected to encounter in the first place.

Safecity is definitely a place, which gives the youth a change to express themselves and know more about the world they live in. Today, I can say that I would not be afraid to stand up for myself if the need were to arise.



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