Brothel No. 64

I once visited GB road area which is near the New Delhi Railway station. Lot of my pervert friends suggested me to pay a visit. Roaming there casually, I initially saw 2-3 Police check posts and a primary school which puzzled me if it was really the Biggest Red Light Area of Delhi I’ve heard of. Walking swiftly to clear my confusion, I was attended by brokers who mistakenly(or intentionally) interpreted me as their potential customer. Quite surprised seeing no fear on their faces while promoting an illegal act of prostitution, I went ahead to explore more about the situation.

Sneaking inside some of the 100’s of brothels, I was depressed to notice girls of less than 12 years raising up their skirts to lure me up !

Curious to know more, I started asking questions from the bookies about the monetary aspect of it(i.e the charges). We were completely taken aback by…listening the offers. Twas pretty much around 200 bucks for an orgasm(Single shot as they call ) and around 800 for 1 full night. This was not even half of what we expected ! Still curious before I end my little journey to almost a hell, I enquired the inside details and experiences of those pathetic youngsters leaving the brothels in numbers of hundreds. Twas so awful to hear the procedure of it. One has to choose among hundreds of prostitutes inside the brothel. Having chosen, the money is paid in advance to the cashier. A receipt is provided along with the number of your turn. And there you go after waiting in a balcony and being offered almost every thing you would like to drink or eat ! Some horny youngsters also advised us to visit only Brothel 64 as the others have a poor reputation of looting people once their job is done. It is a clear violation of human rights of the prostitutes who are on with their job around 16-17 hours a day !

I am sorry to write so less about it as I am out time right now.

I would be quite happy although to mail you a detailed writing soon. This is the first time I’ve got a platform to express my concern on this. So keep it up

– Abhishek Batra


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