Perils of Bullying


Kyros Echaporia is a 9th grade student studying in Vibgyor High school in Pune. He listens to music and reads in his spare time. He loves putting his thoughts down on paper. Currently, he is a member of the Vibgyor High Student Social Responsibility Cell and the Vibgyor High Greaders Club.

Perils of Bullying

Why does it happen? No matter who people are, or where we reside, most people have either seen bullying, been bullied, or have been bullies. It is a norm that is prevalent everywhere. However, it is widely ignored.

Many people claim not to have observed bullying any time in their lives. I believe they are either lying or have had an extremely fortunate childhood. Bullying and ragging may take place due to a variety of reasons. People may say they are troubling you because you are fat, thin, dark-skinned, bad in studies, or even too good in studies. The truth is that they are worried about their own insecurities and need an outlet to vent their emotions. They may not believe in themselves, but, contrary to working to overcome it and better themselves, they prefer to make others feel bad.

Bullying has various effects, both physical and psychological. It causes people to worry even more about one’s own insecurities and in extreme cases, causes them to turn to self-harm. It may cause anorexia, anxiety, shy away from people and become antisocial. It causes depression and may lead to deeper trust issues. It has effects that last for the rest of your life. It causes loss of interest in activities one may have enjoyed causes increased feelings of sadness and loneliness. It causes changes in eating and sleeping patterns. It causes long-term damage to self-esteem and self-worth.

People may not realize what they were doing. They may have thought it was all fun and games when they called people names, took their stuff and irritated them until they couldn’t ignore it. They had no idea of the consequences of their actions. This ignorant bullying is the main problem. If one doesn’t know why he/she is being bullied, he/she cannot do anything to stop it. They may be able to stop a certain person bullying them but it does not solve the problem indefinitely.

Schools can be more observant and take note of any changes in the children’s academic, social and personal life that may be uncharacteristic or abrupt. They must educate students about bullying and its effects on a regular basis and inculcate feeling of brotherhood and make sure the lectures do not reach deaf ears. Parents and colleagues can keep an eye on the students if they believe any case of bullying to take place. The people being bullied themselves can report to a trusted elder or their parents. They need not be scared nor afraid talking about the issue at hand and potential repercussions from the bullies. Report bullying and put an end to this insufferable culture.

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