Safecity is built on the concept of Participatory Design, which means our partners and users design Safecity as we grow the concept.

Ecopreneur at social venture @developmatrix, Latha Sankarnarayan works on sustainable solutions, CSR & just pilot launched a web-enabled platform to crowdsource climate change impacts Climatix. Developmatrix uses eco-tours to educate and build climate resilience as Latha believes that nature is the best teacher and environment education is a must for all.

Media Partner

We are India’s first story-telling platform dedicated to women at work. We try to give leverage to everything newsworthy in the women’s arena, to stimulate more action through more discourse. Our platform identifies opinion leaders- especially women who have risen beyond the glass ceiling- to document their journeys as reference points for other aspirants.

Media Partner

Our Frontcover believes in the power of stories and how it can go a long way and thereby touch lives and hearts. Catering to a global readership we talk to entrepreneurs, experts, artists and conservationists.  We discuss, social issues, which can set the debate and bring cultural awareness that triggers diversity and inclusiveness. We advocate for: empowerment, gender equality and opportunity for all. We are in the business of giving your story a life.  Come talk to us

Campaign Partner, Media Partner

A platform for women with ambition and aspirations, SHEROES offers a career world with opportunities, high growth career resources, mentorship, skills and support. A community built around principles of learning, growth and sharing, the members access most diverse work formats, including including corporate jobs, returning professionals programs, partner programs, work from home jobs, part time work, freelancing, franchising, mompreneur and internship programs. We partner with over 12000 organizations to help them connect with female talent in form of employees, partners and customers. With over a million women served, SHEROES is putting women’s careers on the nation-building map. Meet us at

Campaign Partner

The Red Elephant Foundation is a civilian peacebuilding initiative working towards gender equality through storytelling, digital advocacy, dialogue building and art-based learning. The initiative is youth-led and channels multiple media to create dialogue that can ultimately move on to inform change.

Sunita Masani

Campaign Partner


Sunita Masani helps the Safecity Team with her Counselling services

As part of her work she…

  • Takes pride in creating opportunities for insight
  • Helps her students evolve into caring human beings.
  • Is passionate to reach out and make a positive difference through personal counselling and mediation
  • Operates from an unshakeable belief that in providing quality service, she contributes that which cannot be measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity!

Her CV-


Spark is a philanthropic network of young professionals who invest to improve the lives of women around the world.

Safecity is one of its 2015 Grantees.


The Shuttleworth Foundation funds people who are unafraid to reimagine the world and the way we live in it.

Safecity is one of the recipients of their Flash Grants in 2016.


The Present Purpose Network is a collective action fund comprised of women who pool their resources and invest in meaningful solutions that impact young women and girls.

Safecity is a 2016 grantee.


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