Miscarriage of Justice

Ansh Rastogi is a student at PGDAV College, DU, a tech savvy and a UPSC aspirant, all in that order. He recently joined Safecity as a blogging intern. He shared his views about loopholes in Indian Judiciary System while dealing with Violence against women.

It is said that one should believe in the judiciary system as it serves justice to all but when it comes to Crime against women, this law system is used as a weapon by convicts. They have got so many options like Mercy plea, Rethink plea, or making excuses of illness to delay their punishment and even the court accepts such excuses but, Did they even think once before committing such a heinous act against a woman? Even countries like North Korea has a law which allows instant punishment to convicts in case of rape i.e Hanging or Public execution. We live in a country where women are worshiped as god but we have lost all our values and the crime against women nearly doubled from 16,000 in 2001 to 32,000 in 2017 and these are just the reported ones, many families don’t report such cases because they think that their family will lose their honor in the society or due to lack of knowledge in case, the victim is minor. One can’t even estimate the figures, could be in lacs annually.

There is a urgent need to set-up strict laws for cases of sexual violence like Rape, Laws should be enacted in such a way that even the thought of committing such crimes scare the soul of a man. In my opinion, there should be instant hanging in cases of Capital Punishment, regardless of the age of the accused if  found guilty within 5 days. One of the main reason behind such a mindset of committing a crime against women, is explicit content found on pornographic websites. All the countries should join hands for a complete ban on pornography. Children should be taught about bad touch or good touch from the very early days of school. The day when she can roam freely on roads whether it is 3 O’clock in the morning or 3 O’clock in the evening ,on that day we will be a developed country with a developed mindset.

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This is really a great thought Ansh. We are following rules written on paper decades ago. We need to understand only flexible ones can survive. That law on a paper doesn’t know how evil a man can be.

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