Live the moment – Mona More


Being at home was so Boring.

But later when I thought, it was such a Learning,

For years I did not get time, as I was just running.

At that time I was wishing,

When will I get time for my Learning.

Now I have so much time, but I wasn’t caring,

Spent a lot of time, in worrying.

At that time, I shook myself,

I asked myself, what am I doing?

When there was no time, I was complaining,

Now I have time, that I am just wasting.

Frustration… thinking was that I was doing,

Missing on the things, which were encouraging.

We are so uncertain, we run behind Dreams,

And miss out the sweet cream.

I trained my mind, which wasn’t easy,

Scheduled myself the way I was Dreaming.

It was a great time, full of meaning,

Discovered myself ! and did a lot of sharing.

Reading, writing I was just exploring,

At that time I realized, it was never boring.

Just decided to live the moment,

And stop worrying.

Some things are never in control,

So lets laugh, and stop blaming.

Let’s live in the moment, and start caring.

Being at home is really not Boring.


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