Know Our Team- Violence Prevention and Building Safer Cities


Know Our Team is a series that attempts to bring to you the stories of our team, share our experiences, why we do what we do and special moments that have left an indelible mark in each of our lives.

Know Our Team- Violence Prevention and Building Safer Cities
Bailey lives in Denver, CO. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Peace and Justice Studies at Regis University. Bailey is passionate about creating sustainable justice work based around relationships and cultural comprehension. At Regis, Bailey enjoys working for the Institute on the Common Good to create dialogue on the Regis campus and broader community. Bailey has global experience in The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Bailey also travelled to Uganda to work in partnership with Bead for Life and Unreasonable East Africa on programs for social entrepreneurs. In May, Bailey travelled to Ghana as a student scholar for the Opus Prize.

On campus, Bailey serves as an El Pomar Scholar, working to pilot a Fair Trade initiative on campus. Bailey is currently President of PeaceJam Regis, working to plan conferences for youth to learn about peace work through Nobel Laureates on campus each year. Through PeaceJam Regis and Bailey’s role as a consultant for the Project X-ite event in March, Bailey began work with Safecity and is now working on creating the Denver and United States branch of Safecity. Passionate about building a better and safer world for all, the Safecity mission fits in line with the work Bailey hopes to continue to do and she is excited to be a part of Safecity launch and partnership with Regis violence prevention.

In Bailey’s work with Safecity she has partnered with Regis PeaceJam to run focus groups around the Safecity work and the needs that we have on campus and in Denver that Safecity can fulfill. In also working with Violence Prevention we have also had the chance to focus on what ways we impact consent and healthy relationship based education for college students. In September, Bailey spoke on the United Nations International Day of Peace panel on the behalf of Safecity in Denver alongside Lauren Anderson.

In the time following the panel, Bailey has worked to host a Safecity workshop surrounding ideas about consent and interpersonal violence to high school youth. Bailey is also working with the Denver team in collaboration with Councilman Albus Brooks to work with the city of Denver to implement Safecity as a tool throughout the city of Denver.

Bailey is passionate about educating people about the influence interpersonal and sexual violence has on our society. However, Bailey also believes that there is much more that needs to done after people simply recognize the issue. It is an excellent and important step to identify and acknowledge the issue, the next important step is the action steps. For this reason, allowing an avenue for reporting is critically important. Also focusing on prevention based education is important while being reactive to assault and harassment issues is important through reporting. Ultimately one day there will hopefully be less need to report because we have done well enough on educating.

Bailey also believes that there is a need to be strategic about our education as well. While consent education is important, consent based education can not be all that we focus on. If we do not teach people about the value and mechanisms of creating healthy relationships, it is then difficult to identify violent and unhealthy relationship behaviors. In pursuit of this work, Bailey is hosting an event at Regis in November that will be a dialogue for students about healthy relationships.

Bailey is also now continuing to work on projects with Regis and across Colorado to grow Safecity and work to establish how we best implement Safecity in the United States.

Bailey is incredibly passionate about this project and feels honored to be a part of a team working to create safer cities and ultimately a safer world.


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