Know Our Team: Empowered and Empowering


Know Our Team is a series that attempts to bring to you the stories of our team, share our experiences, why we do what we do and special moments that have left an indelible mark in each of our lives.

Naina Jha is the Program and Outreach Officer at Patna. She is a PR professional working with Greymatters Communications. She has worked with hospitals, advertising and PR agencies and has been working with ICWA to educate slum kids since 2005. Recently, she conducted a 4 day workshop for children from the slums teaching them English through dance and drama, organised by Access, Patna. She has also worked as a freelancer with Gender Resource Centre, Patna. She loves working for the uplifting of slum children and gender sensitisation and wishes to make this society a better place to live in. A movie buff, she loves music, painting, dancing, playing and cooking. She is a budding writer, avid learner, traveller, and a happy soul. A sociology graduate who holds a masters degree in human resources, she has a few more degrees up her sleeves but most importantly she is a mother to a beatific little angel.
Know Our Team- Empowered and Empowering

I am Naina Jha. I started my professional career in 2012 as a Public Relation Officer with a hospital Healing Hands Clinic in Pune. Then I shifted to Delhi and worked with an advertising firm Trail Blazer. After my marriage, I shifted back to my hometown Patna and started working with a PR firm Greymatters Communications as Assistant Manager. But before 2012, I worked with an NGO Inter College Women’s Association for 5 years, which is from 2005 to 2010. I used to work on education of slum children. I even set up a new study centre for slums while working with the NGO. Initially, I was forced to work for the NGO as it was mandatory for the hostellers to teach kids. Gradually, I started loving my work. By the time I left Patna for my higher studies, I was clear that I was going to work for the upliftment of society. I always had a desire of working for social good and those five years with ICWA just strengthen it more.

Whilst scrolling on Facebook, I got to know about Safecity and its work. I approached them asking whether I could write a blog from them. Luckily my blog got approved and it was posted on Safecity’s website and that was the start of our amity. After that I was connected to Safecity and it’s Founder, Elsa, in some way or the other. One day Elsa offered me to lead Safecity’s work in Patna as an extension of their work. I began working for Safecity from May 2017 and the journey so far has been great. It helped me to connect with children  through awareness workshops on various important topics. Those workshops helped me to understand the psyche of people. Working with Safecity made me realise how we can empower others just by making them aware of their rights and laws. I feel more empowered after working with Safecity as it has given me a platform to contribute towards the betterment of others. Most importantly, I got to learn so much from team members at Safecity.

I like Safecity because it’s commendable how the organisation is trying to make public spaces safer for women and pushing towards an ideal society where both men and women stand on same platform. It is using technology to eradicate gender based violence.

Most of all, I loved the fact how this organisation is giving college students a platform to showcase their abilities by giving them internship, be it social media handling or content writing or graphic designing and much more. Through its Campus Ambassador Program, it is helping college students develop leadership qualities while making them more sensitive towards problems of society.

To all the readers, I would just say that if you think that you are empowered in any way then try to empower at least one more person so that this chain reaction continues and one day we will have an empowered and equal society. To the young generation, I would ask them to try helping the needy, help old people, buy food for children who can’t afford it and watch their happiness. That happiness will give you a sense of satisfaction.

For me, it’s been a complete pleasure working with Safecity. Working for society in any way gives me a sense of satisfaction, happiness and gratitude.


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