Know Our Team : Do what you love; Love what you do


Know Our Team is a series that attempts to bring to you the stories of our team, share our experiences, why we do what we do and special moments that have left an indelible mark in each of our lives.


Mubaraka Motiwala heads the Campus Ambassador Programme at Safecity. She is a highly motivated student who loves to initiate and involve herself wherever her feet may lead her. She’s passionate about Photography, Food Reviewing , Reading, Traveling, Writing and Music. She’s the damsel who’s not in distress!

Know Your Team: Do what you love; Love what you do

The first time I got a glimpse of Safecity was during my First Year Junior College (FYJC), when I attended their workshop. I knew then that Safecity is not built on fallacious beliefs but actually has value and sincerity in their work. I would have never thought I’d get to gain knowledge about sexual harassment in such explicit manner. It was further shocking that most of us (including me) have been kept in the dark and have no clue on how to survive and fight against harassment. But after attending the workshop conducted by Elsa and Ashwini at Sophia College, I was evoked by the injustice being done to women. The Safecity workshop is very informative and has detailed information regarding what sexual harassment actually is and the important laws implemented by the government. I went back home with a great deal of knowledge and was hopeful of protecting myself with the help of this information provided.

I met up with the Safecity team in 2016 through their Volunteer Engagement Officer, Jessica Xalxo and I was absolutely delighted when they had a spot open for a member in their team. I immediately knew this was my opportunity to create a change and initiate my passion for women equality and justice so I had to take this opportunity and make Safecity my own. I wanted to work with Safecity to help facilitate and make a difference, even if minuscule.

My role at Safecity is to handle the Campus Ambassador Programme which involve our youth. Safecity’s Campus Ambassador Programme is an initiative to empower young leaders while giving them an opportunity to experience leadership and enhance their communication and organizational skills. This programme helps mobilise and communicate with the society’s youth and broaden today’s diverse thinking.

The most remarkable part of my job is working with the entire team and the interns who make this journey interesting and worth it with their constant support and intricate personalities. We all work together and balance each other making sure we have fun in the process of being empowered and empowering. We definitely live up to the ‘work hard, play hard’ notion ! Safecity is a huge family extremely dedicated to their jobs and the well-being of its communites.

Since I joined Safecity, I have been cracked opened and given the chance and freedom to explore and challenge multiple obstacles leading to self-growth. Safecity is making everyday changes in each individual’s life, giving a mixture of valuable and enjoyable experiences. Like a kaleidoscope full of colors, Safecity builds up structures and meaning for the youth to be aware and wake up from the ignorant daydream to actually face the harsh realities of life and act towards implementing justice. Safecity has grown tremendously and is reaching new horizons every day with all its potential, experience and willingness to help the cause.


I knew Safecity was my Abode to aspire and inspire. Safecity to me is best described in these three words.
“Veni Vidi Amavi” (I came. I saw. I loved)



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