On 2nd March we had our fourth edition of the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk, one among the 174 walks organised this year.

In partnership with Prerana Anti-Human Trafficking Centre we witnessed 24 pairs of mentors and mentees learn from each other, find ways to make their dreams and goals come true and Balance for Better.

Very few things make me step out early on a Saturday morning and being a Mentor at of one of the 170+ Global #VitalVoiceMentoringWalks organised by Safecity & @Prerna at Mumbai is one of them!

I went as a mentor and came back humbled by my mentee, all of 22, on the verge of completing her Masters in Psychology, with quite a few internship experiences under her belt, including counselling for substance abuse, phobia, school kids, family and relationship therapy. She is on the verge of completing her Masters dissertation on the Impact of SMART phones on mental health, and she has taken up the membership of the Library facilities of the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai popularly known as #DostiHouse. She rides a two wheeler here very often to type out her dissertation on the PC. I was reminded once again today that a moderate family background may limit resources but it shouldn’t limit your dreams.

Sensing her spirit today, I know for sure she will find wonderful opportunities in life. But I request folks on my TL, to give Kajal, my mentee, who taught me so much today, an opportunity sooner than later, to make her dreams come true. So that she doesn’t have to curb herself and take up the first job she gets to support her ailing mother, who is a domestic help.

Thank you the fab opportunity again!

-Anupama Kapoor (mentor)


Her mentee, Kajal Makwana says,

The session was prefect. I would describe the Mentoring Walk as enhancing the strength of budding leaders. It is very important to have such mentoring walks in every city, state, and country in order to guide youngsters to navigate their career and other aspects of life in right direction.

  Tara Scheurwater, the Acting Consul General of the Consulate General of Canada, with Shimpee












It felt really great meeting so many new people and getting to know each one’s unique experiences. I was honoured to speak with Tara Scheurwater, the Acting Consul General of Canada. I was paired with Jayita Phulsunge who was very kind and helped me through my confusion. She shared her life’s struggles and explained how she solved them only to learn that no matter what the problem is, there is always a solution to it. I was confused about what job to take in order to make a career for myself. She helped me out with the help of different examples. Post the one-on-one time with our mentors, I was part of a group discussion where we had to share the different difficulties that we face and the possible solutions of overcoming them. During that discussion I realised that each of us present there was facing some kind of difficulty and each one was trying to solve it so bravely.”

says Shimpee Paswan, Kalwa, who was Acting Consul General of Canada for a day.

I felt great attending the mentoring walk. Since I was attending something like this for the first time I was a bit nervous but I began to feel better once I met the people there. I gradually felt comfortable as I spoke to my mentor. She was really nice. She knew Marathi too, so I was able to express myself easily. As mentioned on my goal sheet, we discussed my short term and long term goals and how I could achieve them.

said Megha Bhorse


“My mentor was Ms. Samima Motlekar. She was really nice and much better than what I had expected. She told me that she’s a writer/author. I dream of starting my own NGO someday. She told me to first focus on myself and my goals, reach a position where someone will be willing to invest in me and be confident that I can achieve anything. The venue made me feel fresh and great!

said Swatika Reddy


“I was impressed by the warm and supporting atmosphere that the Safecity team had created.  It sparked open and vivid conversations and encouraged every single girl and woman in the room to share their story and challenges – across  generations and backgrounds and regardless of everyone`s merits and accomplishments.”

said Barbara Mueller (mentor)

“Power to Empower is the quote that comes to my mind and it is important as historically women have been regarded as weaker section of the society and still are considered the same in marginalized sections of developing countries like India. Vital Voices gives such women a platform not only to dream but to see it as a reality in their mentors. This not only inspires them but gives them hope that dreams can become reality.”

said Farhat Gupta (mentor)


This was the first time that I have participated in an initiative like this. It was an eye-opener of sorts to see these young girls taking up challenges and making the best of whatever resources they have. Also their ambition to make a difference in not only their lives but others too is inspiring. I am hoping that I will be of help, and make a difference in at least one of their lives.

said Beena George (mentor)


“Saturday morning well spent. Participated in 4th vital voices global mentoring walk as a mentor. This one is indeed a fabulous concept where mentee and mentor discuss and share their life experiences and motivate each other. Though I was a mentor there but the take away was much more than what I shared with my mentee. Thank you Elsa Dsilva for making my morning so beautiful. Every second spent was simply worth it. Kudos to you and the team for organising this.”

shared Daivata Chavan-Patil (mentor)


“Time so well spent expanding understanding of the great work done by NGOs in the social sector. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity for mentoring. Wishing Red Dot the very best in all their endeavors!”

said Sunita Masani (mentor)



“I liked the mentoring because in this session I received information about various career options like DEd, MBA. Apart from that they also gave us tips on how to improve our spoken English. They assured us that we would be able to get proper jobs. I would love to attend this type of mentoring program again.”

said Laxmi Dubey.


“I want to be a fashion designer and my mentor shared quite a few tips. She also told me that there are various options I can choose from such as fashion, shoe, jewellery, accessory design. My mentor also shared links and videos I can watch to learn more about fashion designing.”

– Anjali

“My mentor gave me a chance to share my aspirations and we also spoke about the steps I will need to take to pursue a career in law. I really appreciated her advice that I should be sure of my decision and not let others influence me and that no matter what career I choose, there is no escape from hard work.”

– Vaishnavi

“My mentor shared a lot of information regarding a career in accounts as well as the exams I’d have to appear for. She even shared about various other career options I could look at. I was very happy to spend time with her.”

– Prajakta

“My mentor and I connected very well, she also enjoys reading. She listened to me as I shared my goals and motivated me to learn the art of facing anything that comes my way.”

– Disha

“I appreciated my mentor telling me in a straight-forward manner that I need to be focused to get anywhere. I also appreciated that she kept asking me questions to be able to help me better.

– Divya

“I spoke about my passion for making jewellery with my mentor. She told me about the different courses available that I can opt for after my 12th and this will surely help make my decision easier.”

– Mayuri


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