Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did the idea of Safecity begin?
Safecity began as a way to engage with each other on a long term basis. It began because we saw that many of us had the same experiences but were choosing not to talk about it. We wanted to create a platform and forum to address this issue of street harassment and provide a platform for the unconnected folks to connect and do their bit.

Q. Has anyone been held accountable (have the police or authorities interfered at all)?
We do not focus on individual cases but on larger trends that are emerging. However, there have been cases where police have taken action based on the reports we received. In Bandra, Mumbai there were several cases of chain-snatching. On informing the police, they improved the street lighting and changed the timings of the beat patrol. There was an immediate decrease in the number of cases of chain-snatching.

Similary, in Lal Kuan, Delhi, there were many cases of groping, assault and sexual harassment against women who used to go to a nearby jungle aread to relieve themselves since the public toilets were closed and locked. Armed with reports, video footage by DNA India and Plan India’s GRC, we approached the local MLA who went on to unlock the toilets and ensured that they were maintained well.

Q. Why do you feel there is a need for something like this to exist?
People who harass do so in their own comfort zones. Silence on the part of victims and bystanders makes them more confident and the harassment only increases from cases like staring and indecent gestures to stalking and assault. An informal reporting system is required to share such information that could be trivial to report to the police but useful to someone else. While there is a move to change the laws, the question we ask is – what can we do as ordinary citizens to change the situation? Isn’t it the society that created this problem in the first place? What can we do to make change?

Q. Do I have to reveal my name and identity?
There is no compulsion to reveal your identity. While there is an option on the web and app report to give your name and email id, you can post the report anonymously.

Q. Can I report if I see someone else getting harassed?
Yes, you can and should report if you see someone else getting harassed.

Q. Will you help me if I report a problem?
Safecity only provides a platform to collect and aggregate data of reported abuse. We do not have any association with the legal entities. You will have to contact the local police and follow the legal process to file a report. This platform does not replace or substitute what is required by law.

Q. Why should I report on
Safecity tracks cases of reported abuse. This will only be successful if people come out and pin the creeps who are harassing us on the roads. If we upload photos and videos, we will gather momentum with substantial amount of data and proof of what is happening on the roads today. This is a cycle – the more we pin, the more information will pour in, hotspots will be created. This is not the full solution. We hope that in time, this platform will help avocate the issues and hotspots in a city so that it can aid in prevention and creating a peaceful and safe environment for all.

Q. What are hotspots?
Hotspots are areas where quite a few incidents of abuse have been reported. You can accordingly check the severity levels and take appropriate measures when travelling/visiting the hotspot areas.

Q. Can I share photos and videos of incidents?
Yes, you can upload photos and videos through the link provided.

Q. How can I use this information?
Safe city will identify hotspots which are areas where incidents of abuse have been reported. You can accordingly check the severity levels and take appropriate measures when travelling/visiting the hotspot areas.

Q. How can I help promote this?
SAFECITY is a platform that will only be meaningful if more and more people PIN THE CREEPS! We need you to spread the word through:
TWITTER – Pin the Creep if he harasses you @pinthecreep with the hashtag/s #pinthecreep #safecity. Also curtae our twitter account for a week if you have things to share with everyone. Each week we have a new person on @pinthecreep
FACEBOOK – Come and like our facebook site – safecity, create discussions and help spread the word.

Check the website for hotspots. You can be ambassadors and create awareness amongst your friends or people you know from the hotspot areas.
Sign up for ALERTS of the area/location you are interested in. If there are pins/reports logged, you will get an email.
Print our promotional material and display at residential areas, schools, colleges, cafes, restaurants, etc.
Blog about Safecity and share our blog posts with your readers.

Q. Who is behind Safecity?
We are a group of like-minded citizens who strongly believe that we have the right to live in a safe society. We believe that this can only be achieved if we work together with all sections of society and agencies involved.

Q. How do I know these reports are authentic?
All the reports that are posted online are unverified. Therefore, we request you to be as accurate and honest with the posts. This is a platform where the citizens become eyes and ears for each other and let each other know where the hotspots are. So remember, any information you post online will be used by others to gauge the safety of an area. Please be honest.

Q. If I am from Goa, how do I make a complaint direct to the Goa police?
If you are posting a report about a harassment that took place in Goa, you have the option to send it as a complaint direct to the Goa Police by posting the additional details:
Name and Age:
Mobile Number/Contact Number:
Email address:
Brief facts of the case with date, time and place of occurrence.

Q. Do I have to pay anything?
This service is provided to you free of cost.

Q. Can I post online if I am a man and have seen harassment of women?
Yes, you can post online if you are a man and want to report harassment of women.


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