Emerging Leaders: Shalini Sharma


Shalini Sharma works as a Social Media Intern with Safecity. She’s currently in her 2nd year of graduation and pursuing business administration. She wants to work for a society where humanity is put ahead before all differences and inculcate the different sects with the spirit of unity. 

When I joined Safecity a month ago, I never knew how courageous women around me are. I grew up reading examples of women & girls who were “supposedly” the exceptions for the society, working towards betterment for everyone. I perceived there are some women who raise their voices, thus portraying the whole community. And I have never been so wrong in my life. Every woman who is associated with Safecity is a ‘Wonder Woman’ and every person who’s doing even their small bits is an epitome of bravery. 

I have been working as a Social Media Intern for a month now. I read about all the events that are happening in different cities, the Youth Leaders in different colleges working for the Safe Campus Program, Volunteers running Amplify change workshops and what not. It gives me immense delight to be a part of such a group who’s determined for their beliefs.

Being molested as a child which I always kept to myself because I felt not brave enough to talk about it, has affected me in terms I couldn’t have anticipated. So, curating tweetchat on ‘Role of Teachers in preventing Child Sexual Abuse’, I read things which were cheerful as well horrific just like the two sides of a coin. It came to my realisation that preventing horrendous crimes against people and ending the plight of prejudice due to dissimilarities is a fight we all are a part of and I have never felt more comfortable to talk about my experiences. I am, more than ever, resolved on raising my voice and taking stand for myself and seeking inspiration from everyone around me who’s working for themselves and others! I look forward to working on more programs by Safecity.

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