Emerging Leaders: Namrata Sinha


Safecity is celebrating the journey of people who have emerged as leaders as our campaigns progressed in their communities through our blog series “Safecity Emerging Leaders”. Read the inspiring stories of these individuals who are passionate about making their neighbourhoods safer with Safecity and have taken action in their own special ways.

Namrata Sinha works as a Business Analyst in Pune. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from BIT Mesra. She handles the monthly dashboard updates at Safecity. She enjoys travelling and trying different cuisines. She also loves to spend her free time learning new skills.

Emerging Leaders: Namrata Sinha

I work as an Associate Consultant at a leading consulting firm. My work spans across marketing and sales consulting engagements for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

I came to know about Safecity back in 2016. I had some time on my hands, and was looking for ways to utilize it productively. I stumbled upon the website of Safecity, and what really fascinated me was that there was an opportunity for me to utilize what I did for a living to do something for fellow women. I expressed my interest to join Safecity as a volunteer. Thereafter, the former Data Analytics Lead of Safecity, who also happened to be a colleague at work, reached out to me. He explained to me the whole idea behind Safecity, and that got me really inspired. I immediately wanted to join the team and get started.

At the time, I didn’t know of any organization that was doing anything similar using crowdsourced data. To me, it felt like a novel way of approaching women’s safety and a really effective one. And that’s how I became a part of Safecity.

At Safecity, my primary responsibility is to work on monthly dashboard updates. Every month, I employ my quantitative abilities to aggregate and analyze data from 10,000+ reports of verbal, non-verbal, physical, and other forms of abuse against women. These dashboards enable Safecity to assist local authorities in India’s metro cities in the effective deployment of their enforcement resources at critical hours. Extrapolating these trends, Safecity also conducts multiple workshops and campaigns in different parts of these cities to create awareness about the unsafe hours, localities and behaviors to help women make informed decisions. I briefly also worked with our counterparts in Cameroon and Kenya and helped streamline their analytics processes.

Working with Safecity has given me a chance to appreciate how much impact something so simple as reporting an incident on the website can have on the overall safety of women in a locality. It helps us make hundreds of women aware and informed.

I have seen a marked shift in my own attitude towards such incidents. I now myself report any such incident I notice around me, and encourage everyone else to do the same as well, for our reports and analyses are only as good as the data we receive. I feel like in my own small way, I am making my contribution towards a safer environment for women and all these endeavours will bring about a positive change in women safety in our society.


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