Economic Empowerment of Women- Need of the Hour


On 30th August 2019, Anisha Mohanta conducted a tweetchat on Safecity’s twitter handle (@pinthecreep) about ‘Economic Empowerment of Women’.
The tweetchat began with a crucial question about the existent gender pay gap. The most prevalent opinion was that there indeed exists a gender gap, with the women being paid lesser than men. Also mentioned were the social labels that are forcing them to not demand what they rightfully deserve and even leading them to undermine their own potentials. The second question asked was how economic equality would improve the business. Here the respondents stated that a gender-balanced environment could promote staff empowerment in an organization which will create and enact policies that would result in the business to prosper. The opinion was also that this would ultimately create a state of harmony within the working environment. The chat proceeded with the question as to how parenthood could be normalized at workplaces. The suggestions were to create spaces for creches and allow breastfeeding. It was also suggested that men be encouraged to take paternity leaves. The final question that was addressed was how would the productivity of women in workspaces be affected if society expected women to handle household chores even when she has a job. The unanimous opinion was that there has to be an understanding between the partners and within the family and that the women have to supported and encouraged to fulfill their dreams. The tweetchat ended with a hope that this inequality will be soon levelled out.

A tweetchat with Anisha Mohanta!


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