Don’t touch me

A profound poem on Child Sexual Abuse by Malini Rai

Don’t Touch Me

Smooth as satin
Shimmering as gold…
Skin begging his touch
And feel of her folds

Arrested in mind
She stood tongue tied
She was too far gone
Unable to come this side

Tender trembling hands
Slowly collected her
Shivering whispers
Gently grazed her ear

Calm down, said the pounding heart
Let go, commanded her senses
But the bitter mind, took no prisoners
She curled up behind her fences

Extended hand of time stood still
She wearily looked in his eyes
Promise of a better tomorrow
But thinking mind was her vice

He braved the weather of her heart
Approached her tiny hands in a clutch
She trembled in ecstasy and fear
At the sense of familiar touch

Don’t touch me, she barked on impulse
Don’t dare come near, she warned
I shall crush you, if you try to hold me
She closed her body on mind’s command

His eyes bore a hurt look
As he shriveled into dust
Thinking mind stood smiling
Playing savior to her own lust

But the senses were screaming
Wake up to a new dawn
This touch was not of a swine
He was perhaps your swan

Bereaved she stood
Silently crying
Not knowing the difference
Between a Swan and Swine

-Malini (Copyrights reserved with Malini Rai)


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