Conducting Workshops is a Learning Experience


Workshops on Sexual Harassment, Puberty and Masturbation and Cyber bullying are topics in India which are never discussed at home within the family or even in most cases by educators in schools and institutions of learning,

Working with Children, Youth, Teachers, Parents and professionals makes one realise how grave a situation we are in with regards lack of awareness about sexual harassment and cyber bullying. How can we put an end to sexual harassment  if we are not aware of what is sexual harassment, not allowed to openly discuss it, ignore some of it and most of all not “ Talk” about it or report it?

I truly love conducting workshops with youth and especially children because they grab this opportunity to openly share their experiences and reduce the burden they carry. They are also very enthusiastic to share the knowledge they have gained (eg. Types/ kinds of sexual harassment, laws etc.) with their families and peers. They are glad to have a platform where they can report anonymously without the fear of society pressure or shame.

At almost all of the workshops, we have a lot of volunteers who wish to help out in their little way to curb sexual violence and make places safer for everyone.

The teachers and parents not only gain insights into what is sexual harassment, but also get comfortable and confident  to talk and discuss about sexual harassment, Puberty and menstruation etc at home , schools and colleges and in their communities.

At the end of every workshop, I gain new insights and learn so much! So it is truly a give-and-take session!

– Tania Echaporia

Program and Outreach Officer


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