Safecity Tweetchats


Gender and the Oceans

On 14th June we had Raakhee Suryaprakash @10sunshinegal conduct a tweetchat on Gender and the Oceans As per the latest FAO report, it was noticed that even though women form 50% of the workforce in fisheries the wage gap is high. The chat began by asking the audience how this gap [...]Read more

Beating Air Pollution

On 7th June 2019, Yashorma Sandal @Yashorma1 conducted a Tweetchat on “Beating Air Pollution” The chat began by discussing the theme of Environment Day by the United Nations. In 2018, the theme was “beat plastic pollution” and this year it is “beat air pollution”. The audiences [...]Read more

Tech for Safety

On 31st May 2019 Manjulatha Kalanidhi @mkalanidhi conducted a Tweetchat on – “Tech For Safety” The chat began by asking the audience whether technology helps in aiding safety or is it just a superficial solution to a deep rooted problem. A few members agreed that technology helps [...]Read more

Youth Mental Health

On 24th May 2019, Lindsey Turnbull @MissHeardMedia conducted a Tweetchat on Youth Mental Heath – The discussion began by asking the audience where the youth fits in SDG3: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The audience responded that youth are a [...]Read more

Digital Security for Women

On 17th May 2019, Vishal Manve @VishalManve12 conducted a Tweetchat on Digital Security for Women- The Tweetchat was joined by guest @Natrani, who lives between Myanmar and Pakistan. She shed light on the state of digital security in Pakistan and how women are navigating the [...]Read more

Achieving Health for All

On 10th May 2019, Michelle Frank @DrMichelleF conducted a Tweetchat on “Achieving Health For All”- The chat began by asking the audience about their understanding of SDG3 – “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. The audience replied that it essentially [...]Read more

Busting the Myth of Girl-on-Girl Hate

On 19th April, Yeshna Dindoyal @_Yeshna conducted a Tweetchat on – “Busting the myth of Girl on Girl Hate” The Tweetchat began by asking the question what exactly was girl on girl hate. The audience responded that there is actually no hate in women; it’s just a form of rivalry or [...]Read more

Youth for Change

On 17th April, Safecity conducted a tweetchat with The Gender Lab @TheGenderLab about their fellowship program and youth for change. The chat began by noting the biggest challenges for young girls in India and what can be done to bridge this gap of inadequate opportunities for [...]Read more

Making Adolescents a National Priority

On 12th April, Dasra @dasra conducted a Tweetchat on “Making Adolescents a National Priority” The Tweetchat began by sharing the link to “Ab Meri Baari” a short film that emphasized prioritizing adolescent issues. The first question was that since 15 million adolescents are [...]Read more

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