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The Indian Red-Letter Days

The Indian Red-Letter Days

By Akanksha Pandey   Menstruation, while the dictionary defines it as, “a cyclical discharging of blood secretions, and tissue debris from the uterus that recurs in non-pregnant breeding-age primate females”, its societal definition has little to do with these complex [...]Read more
Blog on Feminism, Gender and Pop Music

Feminism, Gender and Pop Music

  Perhaps the best thing that music is known for is its universality. It has been known to cross the barriers of language, space and time, which makes one wonder whether it has been able to cross the barrier of gender. This article is an attempt to answer this question by [...]Read more

The Pride Month Golden Narrative: The Madras HC Judgement By Justice Venkatesh Instills Hope Among The LGBTQIA+ Community

Sushama and Another v. Commissioner of Police and others is a case that is drawing our attention and that too for all the right reasons.  A briefing of the case: The solicitors were a lesbian couple who fled from their respective  homes after their parents rejected their [...]Read more

Intersectional Feminsim

All my life I felt like I don’t know myself and when I finally learned to recognize myself, society doesn’t want to recognize me as a human. It’s been almost 3 hours since I have sat here on this table trying to pen down questions for the interview and all I [...]Read more

Miscarriage of Justice

Ansh Rastogi is a student at PGDAV College, DU, a tech savvy and a UPSC aspirant, all in that order. He recently joined Safecity as a blogging intern. He shared his views about loopholes in Indian Judiciary System while dealing with Violence against women. It is said that one [...]Read more

The Power of Empowerment

   An engineer by profession and writer by passion, Archana is rediscovering her passion and profession after an extended maternity break. Currently, she works as SEE, technical writer and a creative content writer. She is fond of food, health, music, yoga and everything related [...]Read more

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