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The night is not ours (yet)

The night. It is not ours, ladies, and it is not because of the lack of street lights. Rather, it is not ours because of the men who feel that they may call out to us on the streets, that our asses look nice or that our breasts look juicy. Only of course, in the […]Read more

Speak Up

Hey reader! Do me a favour and just shut your eyes for a moment. And think about how much has changed in the past fifty years in this country. From lungis to trousers, from ghagras to hot pants- there has been a huge transition, hasn’t there? Well. Allow me to burst your [...]Read more

Tom Boy

Taking the subject of genders (inequality/identity/bias/policing/crisis) further here’s a poem i wrote a few months ago. I know most girls will identify with it (irrespective of how girlie they are per societal definitions) and most boys will empathise to…because [...]Read more

Telling them

With all this talk day in and night out of god-like children getting torn to shreds in their formative years.   With all this hullabaloo in the media and on walls of public urinals those scavengers carefully wash their hands off the puke and virgin blood.   With all the [...]Read more

Within ME!

Few months back I participated in a candle light protest against the verdict of the Delhi Rape Case, in which one of guilty was proved juvenile and he was sentenced to 3 years in the Juvenile School. I am sure most of us do not agree to this verdict, but this is the irony of […]Read more

Freedom- freely doomed

Sitting down and wondering what my first thought this morning was and what followed, I realized I have an extensive mental checklist that can give a running to even the president’s checklist of scheduled meetings. As I begin my day, I am involuntarily ticking imaginary boxes. [...]Read more

Don’t touch me

A profound poem on Child Sexual Abuse by Malini Rai Don’t Touch Me Smooth as satin Shimmering as gold… Skin begging his touch And feel of her folds Arrested in mind She stood tongue tied She was too far gone Unable to come this side Tender trembling hands Slowly collected [...]Read more

A story of day and night

How safe is my city? To answer that I have to tell you a story of a day and a night.   I was at one of my regular bus stops waiting for a bus home one day. I had already let go two extremely crowded buses threatening to tip over under the weight of […]Read more

Small town safety

This happened in Silchar (in Assam) a few months ago, right on one of the centrally located streets of the town, in full view of the people on the street and in the busy shops lining both sides of that street, at 12 noon on a weekday. A young woman from a local women’s college [...]Read more

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