Brother-in-law or Devil in disguise?


Karishma Jangid is a Mass Media student at K.P.B. Hinduja College. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she believes kindheartedness is the real beauty! She is passionate about mythology and literature, books and music. She wishes to share and gain knowledge, spreading smiles on the way!

Brother-in-law or Devil in disguise?

It’s an absolute shame for us as citizens, when a policewoman who is performing such a noble duty of safeguarding us, herself becomes the victim.

29th September, Charkop police station – everyone is shocked when Santosh Kamble, a drunk molester slaps a policewoman. But why did he do so? The accused (drunk) goes first to his mother-in-law’s residence, creates a scene and molests his brother-in-law’s wife. When taken to the police station, he tries to assault them. When, sub inspector Ghule tries to stop him – he slaps and pushes her. After the accused slapped sub inspector Ghule, the police got in action and overpowered Kamble. He was arrested and has been charged for molestation as well as assaulting a public servant.

Doesn’t this make us question the kind of society we live in? Learning this since the 1st grade – Family is the basic social institution. We live in India – the land where women are worshipped! What’s the point really? We talk of feminism all day long. But where are we going with this? Being women, we have been taught to rely on the men in the family for our safety – be it the hero saving the heroine from the villain in the movie or your father telling you to take your brother along when you go out late night! But where do you go if your own family turns against you? It’s a shame for us as a society – when a man assaults his own mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Some may say that alcohol influenced his actions – but can a bottle of alcohol really turn you into this pathetic creature who forgets all the emotional value his relationship with his own family had! And as if that wasn’t enough, you go slap someone who actually tries to restore the peace. Everyone rants about punishing the rapists – but what about the devils that hide behind the mask of family? In a world where we are teaching men to respect other women, maybe there is a need to teach them how to respect their own sister or own mother first. Or maybe it’s high time that women stop depending on anyone, ANYONE, for their safety! And when we say there are laws for women now that didn’t exist a decade ago – How helpful can a law be, in a country, where any drunkard assaults a public servant?

Maybe, we need to change the law? Maybe we need to change the way of implementation of law? Maybe, all we need to do is have empathy and treat a woman as a human and not an object! Or maybe, on Dusshehra today, we need to kill the Ravana that resides in the hearts and minds of these men who do not know that Sita today is powerful enough to fight for her rights!

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