Sunday in a metro…

I barely ever sleep beyond 10 am on any day, even a holiday. I have this mental clock which starts ticking at 8 am and I cannot peacefully sleep beyond that but my lazy body refuses to budge and that is how I end up slouching on the bed an extra 2 hours. This luxury […]Read more

How much longer do we wait?

By the end of 2013, over half of the 3.7 million Bangladeshi women between 20 and 24 were married before they were 18 We have been talking about gender equality for decades, but even in 2014, women are subject to social, political, and economic inequalities that reinforce their [...]Read more

Don’t Blame It On Me

“You’re not allowed to leave the home after 8 p.m.” her father shouted the words at her. They hit her like a sharp blade. “But why?” she asked desperately, even though in her heart, she knew the answer. “Because you’re a girl and this city is unsafe for girls at night.” His [...]Read more


Parks are where butterflies flutter, flowers bloom, children play, runners sweat and elders take a stroll. Blue sky as a roof, green grass beneath, parks personify freedom. However what happens when in this space a girl child is gazed at, not for her innocence but for her raised [...]Read more

The night is not ours (yet)

The night. It is not ours, ladies, and it is not because of the lack of street lights. Rather, it is not ours because of the men who feel that they may call out to us on the streets, that our asses look nice or that our breasts look juicy. Only of course, in the […]Read more

Speak Up

Hey reader! Do me a favour and just shut your eyes for a moment. And think about how much has changed in the past fifty years in this country. From lungis to trousers, from ghagras to hot pants- there has been a huge transition, hasn’t there? Well. Allow me to burst your [...]Read more

Volunteer – Sophie Tran

I’m an advocate for Safecity because the organization’s mission touches me in a very sensitive and personal level. I am deeply inspired by Safecity’s work, all of the volunteers in different parts of the world who are continuously generous to help. But most [...]Read more

Tom Boy

Taking the subject of genders (inequality/identity/bias/policing/crisis) further here’s a poem i wrote a few months ago. I know most girls will identify with it (irrespective of how girlie they are per societal definitions) and most boys will empathise to…because [...]Read more

Volunteer – Meghna Gandhi

It’s true that both men and women face difficulties and must overcome obstacles in their lives. But throughout history—in every country of the world—women and girls face additional obstacles and discrimination solely because of their gender. This is why I decided to spend [...]Read more

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