Anti-Street Harassment Week 8-14th April 2018


Pinky Bajaj shared with us this poem on eve-teasing

Ashmita Das writes her thoughts on street harassment

Rukmani Varma’s post spoke about Bystander Intervention

Karishma Jangid writes a heart-wrenching poem about the truths of street harassment













“Nor could my shrieks stop them.
They walked away.” – Mudita Gupta

“I have a name, and it isn’t baby.” – Lisa

“She don’t.
She doesn’t walk in the shadows.
The shadow is where she was born.” writes Sabah Batul

She don't. Don't care about what others think. Don't let them break you. Don't be labelled. Don't do the don'ts. She don't. She doesn't walk in the shadows. The shadow is where she was born. She isn't broken, she bows down. She isn't labeled. She already hates what the mirror shows. She doesn't fear your abyss. She breathes better in it. She isn't a legend. Or your story to write. She isn't rabid about much. About stuff that you say matters. She isn't modest. She knows there isn't an inside. You touch her soul, it's not black. It is colorless. Like water. Taking shape of its mould, but unable to stay without support. Her mind is empty, No matter her stride. It's blank, with no note to leave. She won't leave a mark behind. She is foul, vile, loathsome, your lesser than ordinary. A mere observer who forgets. Like you will her. You take a look at her, She straps on a fake smile. So fake, she forgets what's real. She stifles herself slowly. Slowly believing in what she doesn't understand. And when her wars over, she isn't changed or victorious. Still lacks substance. Yet what you say doesn't matter. She is lost and stray. Don't try to find her for your day. She isn't yours or anyone else's. Now that you think you know her, You cannot afford her, Or try to patronize, Or make her oblige. Because… She don't. -Sabah Batul

A post shared by Sabah Batul (@sabah_on_paper) on

If you faced harassment, it’s not your fault. Don’t worry about log kya kehenge.- Lizzie

If only! – John

“Seekhte hain hum humesha naari ka sammaan karna
Aaj ke iss yug ki fitrat ban chuka hain upmaan karna.”

Hum udaas hai (We are sad/disappointed)- by Ayushi Agrawal

“Catcalls, sexual comments, homophobic and transphobic slurs, groping, stalking, and assault in public spaces. Gender-based street harassment is a global problem. It makes us feel less safe, it restricts where we go. IT MUST END!” – Lisa

“It’s not a compliment if it makes her uncomfortable!” – Pulkit Bhasin

“Bhediya aa gaye sheher mein…” –frommypen (The wolves have entered the city)

“Beta! Rise against such rogues,
Break your silence against such horrors,
And fight like your own saviour!” – Naina Jha

You can read her entire piece here-

“Woh din jarur aayega, jab tu chalegi raah par. Dar na tujhe chhu payega.” – Ayushi Agrawal

“Intimidation, harassment and violence have no place in a democracy.” sent  by Vipul

Safety and equality isn’t a one way street.- Lizzie Braganza

Your mind need renovation- Pinky Bajaj

You’d stop if you knew- Naina Jha

We had Jaswinder Singh, from PROTSAHAN talking about the huge battle we face against street harassment and measures that we can take.

The Battle against Street Harassment

Mannequin Challenge

8th-14th April, 2018 was marked as International Anti-Street Harassment week. This week was an opportunity to collectively raise awareness that street harassment happens and that it’s not okay. Safecity Delhi conducted a Mannequin Challenge is showcase street harassment.

Mannequin Challenge

Know Your Rights Workshop

A ‘Know Your Rights’ Workshop was held at the Undergraduate Hostel for Girls in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi on Friday, 13th April, 2018. It was held as a part of Anti-Street Harassment week. Around 30+ students participated in the workshop.

Know Your Rights Workshop





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